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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

What's New in INES, 26. March 2011


  • Libya: International Peace Bureau condemns military strikes and urges political negotiations to protect the civilian population. See statement.
  • See comments, background, and fact sheets on the Fukushima nuclear emergency by INES members.


Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor  signed the INES appeal Commit Universities to Peace - Reject Research for the Military on March 1st, 2011.

27. -29. May, 2011: Experiences and know-how in opposing military research at universities. International seminar and national conference,  Braunschweig/Germany


  • 12. April 2011 Global Day of Action on Military Spending
  • 9.-11. May, 2011: Science and the culture of peace: Military Reseach/Civilian Research at universities. Colloquium at the University of Evry/France
  • 23. - 24. May, 2011: Desert Power for the People. Peace and Sustainability by Desertec? International symposium, Berlin/Germany. See program.
  • 27. -29. May, 2011: Experiences and know-how in opposing military research at universities. International seminar and national conference,  Braunschweig Germany.


  • The Dangers of Nuclear Deterrence, Santa Barbara/USA,  16.-17. 2. 2011

    The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation brought together experts to discuss the dangers of nuclear deterrence. Participants in the conference included David Krieger and Richard Falk (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation), Jackie Cabasso (Western States Legal Foundation), John Burroughs (Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy) and Commander Robert Green and Kate Dewes (Disarmament & Security Centre). Participants composed the Santa Barbara Declaration on Nuclear Deterrence.
  • Youth Conference on Nuclear Disarmament, Geneva, 25.2. 2011 (See the presentation of INES Student Project Coordinator Fatih Oezcan here: www.inesglobal.com/download.php


Why Peace Education in Schools is Inevitable.
Afterthoughts about the Bretten Peace Days 8.-18. November 2010 in Bretten/Germany. By Mehmet Fatih Oezcan


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