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Global Responsibility Newsletter

The INES Global Responsibility Newsletter reports and comments  –  from a global perspective – on political, technical and societal developments and comprises of regular internal news sections.
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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

INES Global Responsibility Newsletter

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The INES Global Responsibility Newsletter reports and comments  –  from a global responsibility perspective – on political, technical and societal developments and comprises of regular internal news sections (from the membership, the Council, the Executive Committee, and from other organisations).

The editors hope to have, in each issue, original papers from both peace and from sustainability research – an opportunity not only for young researchers, with quality guaranteed to members by a peer review process.
Global Responsibility is more than a journal, it is still the voice of the INES network, and one of its main internal communication tools. Thus the new editors encourage YOU to come forward with reports, inspiring examples, and background analyses: Global Responsibility is YOUR journal, use it as YOUR exchange platform!

For publication proposals please contact the INES office at officeinesglobalcom

Editorial Team: Gabriele Krauskopf, Prof. Jürgen Scheffran, Dr. Joachim Spangenberg, Reiner Braun, Lucas Wirl.

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Recent Issue (No 64)

INES_Newsletter_No64.pdf (5M)

No. 64, June 2012

Single articles from INES Newsletter No. 64

Which_Green_Economy.pdf (1M)
The_missing_P_s.pdf (559K)
Statement_on_Nuclear_Energy.pdf (559K)
Why_we_Need_Millennium.pdf (1M)
How_Corporations_Hijacked.pdf (766K)
2012-_Rio+20_Disarmament.pdf (230K)
Attack_and_roll_back.pdf (562K)
Rio+20?Global_Marshall_Plan.pdf (592K)
Arsonist_and_Fire_Brigade.pdf (404K)
Whistleblower_s_Fate.pdf (404K)
INES_Activities_at_the_Rio+20.pdf (230K)
Edible_Tank.pdf (560K)

Issue No 63

INES_Newsletter_No._63.pdf (3M)

No. 63, April 2012

Single articles from INES Newsletter No. 63

Nuclear_Weapon_Modernisation.pdf (267K)
Editorial_No__more_business_as_usual.pdf (162K)
No_Farewell_but_still_a_little_sadness.pdf (107K)
NATO_in_Crisis_and_Agendas_for_Chicago.pdf (217K)
Final_Declaration_Afghanistan.pdf (111K)
Dangers__Military_Attack_Iran.pdf (190K)
Climate_Change_Nuclear_Risks.pdf (232K)
Symposium_Internrational_Atomic_Energy_Agency.pdf (291K)
Niigata_University_Peace_Declaration.pdf (234K)
Universities_Commitment__to_Peace_Germany.pdf (130K)
Commit_Universities_to_Peace_Appeal.pdf (234K)
INES_Welcpmes_Lucas_Wirl.pdf (143K)
New_Member_Organisation_ANPeJ.pdf (143K)
2012-_Rio_plus_20_Appeal.pdf (168K)
Egypt_in_the_Midst_of__3_competing_legitimacies.pdf (199K)
INES-IALANA_activities_at_NPT_2012.pdf (2M)

Issue No 62


No 62, May 2011 (3M)

Single articles from INES Newsletter No. 62

Stop_the_Insatiable_Appetite_online.pdf (481K)
editorial_online.pdf (21K)
Militarisation_of_Science_online.pdf (44K)
Military_Campus_in_the_UK.pdf (319K)
Civil_Clauses.pdf (10K)
Fukushima_Wake_up_call.pdf (16K)
Ten_Lessons_From_Fukushima.pdf (9K)
Desertec_Industrial_Initiative.pdf (21K)
The_January_2011_Uprising_in_Egypt.pdf (15K)
Jack_Steinberger90thbirthday.pdf (11K)
INES_Youth_Participation_and_Disarmament_Education_in_the_Making.pdf (28K)
New_German_INES_Member_Organization.pdf (17K)

Issue No 61


No 61, April 2010 (5M)

Single articles from INES Newsletter No 61

1-From_Vision_to_Reality.pdf (3M)
2-Sustained_Survival.pdf (901K)
3-The_Negotiation_Process_for.pdf (931K)
4-Middle_Powers_Initiative.pdf (1M)
5-Evaluating_the_Prospects.pdf (946K)
6-Nuclear_Non-Proliferation_and.pdf (2M)
7-Recommended_Steps_for.pdf (878K)
8-The_Heart_of_Nuclear_Weapons.pdf (3M)
9-Global_Nuclear_Disarmament.pdf (2M)
10-Nuclear_Energy_for_Climate_Mitigation.pdf (1M)
11-Sustainability_Science.pdf (2M)
12-Back_from_the_Copenhagen.pdf (2M)
15-Scientists_for_a_Nuclear_Weapons-Free_World.pdf (730K)
16-INES_and_NGO_activities_at.pdf (339K)

Issue No 60


No 60, October 2009 (3M)

Single articles from INES Newsletter No 60

Preveting_Climate_Conflicts.pdf (3M)
Double_Zero-_Negotiation_Challenge.pdf (1M)
Climate_Change_Conf-Hamburg.pdf (305K)
Future_Climate_of_the_Arctic.pdf (154K)
The_case_of_Darfur.pdf (360K)
Mitigation_Alternatives_in_Mexico.pdf (332K)
Valuing_the_Earth.pdf (284K)
CRISIS_21.pdf (248K)
Hiroshima_and_Nagasaki.pdf (215K)
IPB_questions_Obma_NobelPrize.pdf (196K)
Obituary_for_Maurice_Errera.pdf (340K)
Scientists_for_a_Nuclear_Weapons-Free_World.pdf (726K)

Issue No 59


No 59, February 2009 (1M)

Single articles from INES Newsletter No 59

01_Nobel_Laureates.pdf (2M)
02_Time_for_Change.pdf (1012K)
03_New_Newsletter_Editors.pdf (833K)
04_Status_and_Trends.pdf (110K)
05_Facing_the_Multi_Bubble.pdf (1M)
06_Reports_from_Recent_Events.pdf (985K)
07_1st_World_Forum_on_Science_and.pdf (966K)
08_Symposium_on_Strengthening.pdf (1M)
09_International_Renewable_Energy.pdf (232K)
10_Scientific_Work.pdf (2M)
11_Testimonial_Kroto.pdf (681K)
12_Prof_John_Holdren.pdf (1M)
13_Honours_for_David_Krieger_and.pdf (1M)
14_Wind_Power.pdf (139K)
15_Prof_Taro_Mochizuki.pdf (163K)
16_Peace_Jusice_Awareness.pdf (2M)
17_Unwanted_Transgenes.pdf (1M)
18_2nd_Anniversaty_of.pdf (761K)
19_The_Berlin_Article_VI.pdf (1M)


For all other issues see below

Special Editions


INES Special Edition
for the European
Social Forum, Malmö Sweden 17.-21.09.2008

INES Special Edition - ESF.pdf (2M)


INES Special Edition
for the INES-UNAM
Conference, Mexico City and Oaxtepec, 29.2.- 3.3.08

INES Special Edition - Mecixo.pdf (3M)


INES Newsletter Special Edition
for the NTP PrepCom
28 April to 9 May 2008, Geneva/Switzerland

INES Special Edition - NTP.pdf (992K)


INES and INESAP Newsletter Special Edition
for the Chernobyl +20 conference
Kiev, April 24th- 26th, 2006

INES Special Issue - Chernobyl+20.pdf (181K)


INES_Newsletter_No58.pdf - No 58, March 2008 (638K)

INES_Newsletter_No57.pdf - No 57, November 2007 (559K)

INES_Newsletter_No56.pdf - No 56, July 2007 (494K)

INES_Newsletter_No55.pdf - No 55, March 2007 (1M)

INES_Newsletter_No54.pdf - No 54, December 2006 (380K)

INES_Newsletter_No53.pdf - No 53, July 2006 (552K)

INES_Newsletter_No52.pdf - No 52, May 2006 (536K)

INES Special Issue - Chernobyl+20.pdf - Special Issue on the Chernobyl +20 conference - April 2006 (181K)

INES_Newsletter_No51.pdf - No 51, Dezember 2005 (904K)

INES_Newsletter_No50.pdf - No 50, September 2005 (2M)

INES_Newsletter_No49.pdf - No 49, May 2005 (556K)

INES_Newsletter_No48.pdf - No 48, February 2005 (2M)

INES_Newsletter_No47.pdf - No 47, Oktober 2004 (692K)

INES_Newsletter_No46.pdf - No 46, September 2004 (1M)

INES_Newsletter_No45.pdf - No 45, June 2004 (802K)

INES_Newsletter_No44.pdf - No 44, February 2004 (723K)

INES_Newsletter_No43.pdf - No 43, November 2003 (609K)

INES_Newsletter_No42.pdf - No 42, September 2003 (676K)

INES_Newsletter_No41.pdf - No 41, Mai 2003 (377K)

INES_Newsletter_No40.pdf - No 40, November 2002 (763K)

INES_Newsletter_No39.pdf - No 39, November 2002 (1M)

INES_Newsletter_No38.pdf - No 38, August 2002 (393K)

INES_Newsletter_No37.pdf - No 37, June 2002 (598K)

INES_Newsletter_No36.pdf - No 36, February 2002 (589K)

INES_Newsletter_No35.pdf - No 35, November 2001 (705K)

INES_Newsletter_No34.pdf - No 34, August 2001 (294K)

INES_Newsletter_No33.pdf - No 33, May 2001 (345K)