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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

News 2006 and before


November 6 to 10 - 2006, The Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies - in collaboration with International Network of Engineers and Scientists for global responsibility - organises the Ph.D. course "The Role of Young Researchers in the 21'st Century: Problems and Possibilities" at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more info click here


Following the crisis in Lebanon with great distress INES has published this appeal


Declaration of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) from the Middle East and Europe for a peaceful solution to the Iranian Nuclear Conflict. If you are willing to sign the declaration please send the signed printout back to INES office via fax.


We are happy to announce the INES Council meeting 2006 in Espoo, Finland. It will take place 5-6. September. Please see the Council Invitation and the Agenda for details.


Dear colleagues and friends,
the International Network of Scientists and Engineers for Global Responsibility (INES) and the Fédération Mondiale des Travailleurs Scientifiques (FMTS) would like to invite you to the first planning meeting of the congress "Knowledge and science". Please get the details from the PDF.


Please read and spread this INES appeal (pdf) for a nuclear free Europe.


Much to our regret we have to inform you of the recent demise of Philip Bartlett Smith at the age of 82. He was a member of INES from the beginning in 1991; his ingenious spirit was active until his last day. We will bring more about him in the next issue of the INES Newsletter in March.

Follow this link to read thoughts of different INES members.


During the INES EC and council meeting in Cordoba, Argentina INES put out the "Cordoba Statment". Read the pdf here.


Please read and spread this among the people, a poem (pdf) and a paper (pdf) by David Krieger.


In the forthcoming INES Council Meeting in Cordoba, Argentinia (see Newsletter 50 for details) a new Executive Commitee will be elected, all individual members and member organisations are asked to make suggestions to the INES office till 25.10.05: officeinesglobalcom


Dear INES community,

the very sad news has reached us that Sir Joseph Rotblat has died at the age of 96 years. This is a great loss to INES and the scientific world. He will leave a great gap behind, especially since he was the last living signatory of the Russel-Einstein manifest and the last living participant in the Manhatten project.

His obituaries will be pulished in the upcoming Newsletter, written by David Krieger and Phil Smith.

I would like to ask all of you to write something about your experiences/ encounters  with Joseph Rotblat, a small story about his life, his work, ...

It would be wonderful to collect many statements (also short) about Sir Joseph Rotblat. We will be able to publish them


on the INES Homepage. Please also feel free to send me any pictures of him.


INES is proud to announce the "Einstein Weiterdenken" conference taking place in Berlin from 14.10.05 to the 16.10.05. For further information please consult the Einstein-Weiterdenken Homepage and the Flyer.


Facing the 60th sad anniversary of the drop of the Hiroshima Bomb INES has in cooperation with David Krieger (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation) initiated this appeal (german/english version). It is singed by 13 nobel prize laureates, numerous alternative nobelprize laureates and prominent scientists.


I NES is proud to announce that INES Deputy Chair Dr. David Krieger has been awarded with the Global Green Millennium Award.

"Global Green USA's annual Millenium Awards recognize professionals who contribute to a sustainable and secure world. This year's honorees are united by an effort to combine modern technology and investment practices with creative thinking to achieve results that tackle environmental and social problems."

See the Global Green


for more details on the award.


Dear members and friends of INES, Dear all, please read and endorse this appeal of INES against the inclusion of armament provision in the proposed EU constitution.

It is a historical chance to stop this wrong now by rejecting the European constitution in order for a change to come about!


INES, the Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish UNESCO Commission, Centre for Ethics and Law in Nature and Society organise a follow-up symposium to the 1999 UNESCO World Conference on Science. Visit our conferences section for further details.


As a contribution to the Einstein year 2005 INES is organizing a conference in Bruxelles (11/12.03.2005) in cooperation with Pole Bernheim/ULB. Please check out our conferences section for more details.


Our photo gallaries now also contain the pictures of INES at the ESF in London (see Conferences) and photos of the founding of a new global network of scientists, more info to come.


INES announces its participation in the III. European Social Forum in London on the 15-17.10.2004. See the conferences section for more details.


INES is proud to announce the huge success of its Einstein appeal, read the Projects section for details.


Another sad anniversary. Please read the Nagasaki Peace declaration.


59 years ago the atomic Bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. Please read the Hiroshima Peace declaration in reminiscence of this sad anniversary


The University of Hamburg seeks to make the appointment of a Carl Friedrich von Weizsäker Professor for Science and Peace Research. The position will be initially funded by the German Foundation for Peace Research,DSF(salary group W3, full professor). The University aims at increasing the number of women as scientific staff and therefore asks in particular qualified women to apply for this position. Disabled persons are given priority over legally not privileged applicants with an equal suitability, qualification and specialized knowledge. Follow this link for the full job advertisement.


Click here for some photos from the Council meeting in Sopron.


At the INES council meeting 2004 in Sopron we worked out an appeal concerning the current situation in Iraq. Download the PDF here: INES Iraq appeal. There also exists a french version.


The INES Council meeting and an INES workshop will take place in Sopron, Hungary as a parallel session to the IPRA 40th Anniversary Conference. For more Information on IPRA, please see their Homepage http://www.human.mie-u.ac.jp/~peace/index.htm

Please follow this links to get more information:


Newsletter 45 is available online


March 14th would have been the 125th Birthday of a man of many dreams. In reminiscence of this great man the waging Peace Foundation has written "Albert Einstein: Man of Imagination".


The old homepage has finally been removed to save some webspace, if you need any Information you suspect there feel free to contact our Office


Newsletter 44 is available online.


We want to draw your attention to the INES Council meeting from the 2-4 of July an the INES workshop that will take place in Sopron at the 5-9 July 2004 as a parallel session to the IPRA 40th Anniversary Conference. For more Information on IPRA, please see their Homepage http://www.human.mie-u.ac.jp/~peace/index.htm.


To our great remorse we have to inform you that Prof. Luis Masperi has passed away. He was a long year member of the INES Council and Executive Committee. We mourn the loss of a devoted colleague and dear friend


Unfortunately the Author of the article "Forum for the Destruction of Chemical Weapons" in Newsletter 42 has been labled Nicola Hellmich instead of Bettina Bucher by mistake. We apologize for any inconvinience.


In reminiscence of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday there is this text by David Krieger.


As you might have noticed, INES has a new Homepage. The old Homepage is still accessible here, but will no longer be maintained. Information available there might be out of date. Please feel free to mail us any suggestions how to improve our site.


INES gladly announces its participation in the ESF 2003. In cooperation with SNESup and WSFW we will offer two seminars and participate in one of the major plenaries. For a draft on the seminars follow these links "Science between war and peace" and "Peace and sustainability"


David Krieger has written this paper in rememberence of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Announcement for the INESPE conference "Between Greed and Conscience: When Whistleblowing Becomes Dangerous", 5.-7. September 2003 in Starnberg, Germany


"Peaceful America - The American and European policy stands during and after the Iraq war and its consequences" an interview with Dr. Paul Walker by Nicola Hellmich


Invitation to the INES Council meeting 10.-12. November 2003 in Paris, France This years Council meeting will be hosted by Jean Paul Laine and his colleagues from SNESup. Please read the invitation and program for more details and fill in the attached application if you intend to participate in this years Council meeting.


Newsletter 41 is available online, containing articles by David Krieger, Mae-Wan Ho and Regina Hagen.


The new restrictive visa policies of the US coused the cancellation of an international scientific conference in Washington. INES is supporting this appeal and has singed it.


Please have a look at this letter of support for the US peace movment


INES lauches its "Sustainability and peace" working group. Please follow this link to find documents and more information on this subject.


Shock but not awe. By David Krieger


This is our "last second" appeal concerning the war on Iraq. Read and spread it!


A modest proposal. By David Krieger


101 ways to stop the war on Iraq. Participate at least in one!


For very interesting articles regarding the pending war in Iraq please also see www.wagingpeace.org.


Five Ways to stop war. By David Krieger


Newsletter 40 is available



This is the

open letter

written by INES to the Federal Chancellor of Germany and the President of the french Repubilc regarding their stance on the war on Iraq.


This speech in front of the US Senate by Senator Byrd concerning the discussion or more the lack of it in the Senate at the brink of war with Iraq is definatly worth a read.



Here is the INES


to resist the war against Iraq. Support ist through various activities and spread it as fast as you can.

Unfortunatly the newsletter no.39 originally contained the wrong article by Joachim Spangenberg. To our regret we cannot correct this in the printed newsletter. The online version contains the correct article.

The phone number of the INES office has changed to ++493044010498

There is a very important paper by David Krieger concerning the threat of war in Iraq.

Conference "Mathmatics and war" in Karlskrona August 28. until August 31. INES is pleased to announce its participation in the organization of this conference.

INES activities at the

World summit Johannesburg 2002

As some might have heard and as mentioned in newsletter No. 37 Reiner Braun is leaving INES for a job is the pharmaceutic industry. This does not mean that he is lost to INES as he will be a member of the executive commitee and also will stay in charge of some of his favorite projects. Reiner will stay executive director until the 31.08.02.

But of course the office needs somebody fully devoted to running it and so the executive commitee has chosen Nicola Hellmich to be the executive secretry from 01.09.02 on. She had been working for the Dortmund office for over a year and has aquired a deep insight into the processes that make the office tick.
Her previous works include the organization of various conferences, e.g. the Rio+10 conference in Munich 2001, the Africa conference in Mhlheim and the conference in Bradford. In january her responsebilities have been extended to the "biological and chemical weapons at use for terrorist purposes" project in which she will be cooperating with Jan van Aken (Sunshine Project) and Kathrine Nixdorff (Darmstadt).

Combining this with the fact that she is a fluent english speaker due to a stay in the US where she graduated with a highschool diploma and the fact of herself also being an engineer she was the best candidate for the job. We wish her success in this new position.

With the goal of having a more professional office there will be some strucural changes which will be announced here seperately.

Bradford EC and Council Meeting 23.05.02-27.05.02 please also see newsletter No.37 in this regard.

The Campaign for Freedom and Re-Establishment of the Civil Laws for the whisle blower Grigorij Pasco is found