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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

Third War-Starts-Here-Camp

17.-25. August 2014                                                        

Third War-Starts-Here-Camp
from 17th till 25th of August 2014

Let’s mark, block and sabotage GÜZ!

War starts here. Nowadays politicians are clear and open about their position: there shall be no more restraint from German ground when it comes to military operations. No more war – a major lesson learned from German history – is outdated. Germany defends its claims to power and secures its wealth by all means.

Militarization of society proceeds on all levels. An openly-aggressive foreign policy comes along with increasing exports of armaments and offensive NATO missions. Within German society the army ‘Bundeswehr’ works consciously on an image of their soldiers as „citizens in uniform“. This includes advertisement campaigns, massive recruitment efforts in schools, universities and at job fairs as well as Christmas gifts to ‘our soldiers’ at the front The use of the media staging the army in Germany fighting the effects of floods leads to further normalization of militarization and dissolves the borders between army and civilian population more and more.
Far from publicity Western armies practice counterinsurgency as a general response for coping with crises and protests in cities and megacities around the world. Hardly any government hesitates when it comes to mass surveillance in order to realize the idea of ‘Networked Security’.

The apparent normality of these prevailing conditions disgusts us and makes us angry. We will interfere resolutely and inappeasably. We call on you to join the third War-Starts-Here-Camp against militarization and neocolonialism in August 2014. War starts here – let's stop it here! [Please find more information on this website http://warstartsherecamp.org/en/call-action-camp]


  06.-09. June 2014 

Sarajevo Peace Event 2014

[please find the flyer here]


 28. June 2014

Save the date: international youth camp Sarajevo, Pentecost 2014

From a world of war and violence to a culture of Peace and Non-Violence

The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, which was triggered by the assassination of the Austro-hungarian heir to the throne in Sarajevo on June 28th 1914. This can be seen as a symbolic date for a century of a “Culture of War and Violence” with two world wars and numerous regional wars - among them the one in the former Yugoslavian countries in the 1990’s when Sarajevo suffered from the siege of the city during the “last war in Europe” - as well as for the global dominance of structural and cultural violence.

But the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century have also seen a world-wide rise of nonviolent actions and achievements as an alternative to war and violence, and increased efforts for global and social justice, human rights, peace and reconciliation which was reflected in the declaration of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence (2001–2010) by the United Nations...more informations

For the youth camp coordinating group,

Mustafa Cero (Nansen Dialog Center, Sarajevo)

Lucas Wirl (International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility, Berlin)

 25.-27. April 2014

Postponement of the Afghanistan conference

Announcement on the change of dates for the international Afghanistan Conference “Afghanistan 2014: Challenges for Peace and Development” from October 11-13 to April 25-27, 2014 in Strasbourg

After a long and assessing discussion the preparatory committee of the international Afghanistan Conference agreed to change the dates of the conference to April 2014. This decision was made in a preparatory meeting on September 21 2013 in Freiburg.

The international situation characterized by the manifold efforts of the peace movements of many countries to assist in a process of peace in Syria and to prevent military intervention, the huge load on the activists and their organizations but also the complicated political situation in Afghanistan were among the reasons for changing the date of the international Afghanistan conference to after the presidential elections in Afghanistan.

We hope that the change of date to April helps this important conference to gain the international attention that it needs and deserves due to the singular composition of speakers and organizers. Our aim remains the facilitation of intense, common, and solidary exchange of people from different social, religious, and political networks from Afghanistan and the European peace movement. Peace in Afghanistan only can be reached together and beyond all bounds.

A new date in spring seems to be particularly suited.

We will intensify discussions and will try to gain further people to actively participate and participate in the conference.

Freiburg, 21.09.2013

For the preparatory committee: Karim Popal, Reiner Braun, Claire Chastain

Statement of Intent

2014 could be a key year for the future development in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan has taken a terrible toll on its people. Over the last 33 years, no Afghan presumably within or outside of Afghanistan has been affected to be impacted by the war.

We know the situation in Afghanistan - war-like and brutal – is created by domestic and foreign governments. It can be reversed by the will and the actions of the (Afghan) people. Together we will continue to work for the right to self- determination, peace and freedom and for a life in harmony with nature. We know that the pre-condition for this is to end the occupation by foreign troops and the war. For this reason we are once again calling for the withdrawal of foreign troops, immediate cease fire and respect to Afghanistan’s sovereignty. The proposed reduction of the NATO troops is not a withdrawal of the interventional forces.
The future of Afghanistan must lie in the hands of Afghan people. It should be achieved through peace in line with their culture and United Nations human rights declarations. The started negotiations and coalition building between the different societal and religious groups should be increased. Only together they find ways to peace in their country and the region. We need a solution for peace not only for Afghanistan but for the region as a whole; all countries of the region have to be engaged...more information


 25. - 26. January 2014

100 years World War - International peace seminar

Learning from French-German history

On January 19/20 2013 (for the first time in almost 15 years), representatives of the German and French peace
movements met for a two day seminar in Berlin.
This meeting was convened to highlight the holding of the gathering of members of the German Bundestag and the French National Assembly, to commemorate and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaties. It was these treaties that lay the foundation to the French-German friendship and peaceful relations in the second half of the 20th century.
The seminar revived common actions of French and German peace movement. Among others this reflects in the
common preparations of the international peace event in Sarajevo in June 2014.
It was agreed to conduct another seminar in 2014 as the beginning of manifold actions due to 100 years of the beginning of World War I. Peace movements from other countries should be invited to this event, among others from Great Britain, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Austria, and Italy.[Flyer]