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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

Past Events

 12. December 2013

Working Meeting on Drones

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Medea Benjamin will be in Germany in December. Medea is a co-founder of Code Pink Women for Peace and an internationally respected leader of the US anti-drone movement.
Her book "Drone Warfare" has recently been published in German by Laika-Verlag.

We would like to take Medea's visit as an opportunity to invite you join us and her in Berlin for a working meeting on drones. The meeting will provide a platform to exchange experiences internationally and to learn from each other in our struggle against the use of drone technology for warfare, surveillance and oppression. The meeting will be conducted in English.

Thursday, December 12, 2013, from 11:30 to 17:30 (CET)
Offices of IALANA and INES
Marienstr. 19/20, 10117 Berlin
(near Friedrichstraße S- and U-Bahn Station) (map see below)

Please save the date and pass this information on to interested persons. If you would like to join the meeting, please send an email to dronesialanade as soon as you can, but not later than December 9th.

We will send out more information soon. We would be happy to welcome you to this meeting! Unfortunately, we cannot provide financing for travel or lodgings, but we may be able to offer some private accommodations.

Reiner Braun      Elsa Rassbach       Laura Wimmersperg         Lucas Wirl

Please find the full invitation here.


 17.-19. September 2013

Fourth International Forum: Energy for Sustainable Development, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Fourth International Forum: Energy for Sustainable Development will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 17-19 September 2013.

The Forum is designed for policy makers and experts in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainable energy use, as well as in the fields of economic and social development, environmental protection, governance, financing, and energy and utility infrastructure development.

The geographical focus of the forum is Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia; however, best practices from other regions will be also presented and discussed.

The Forum is organized jointly by the Government of Georgia, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This Forum is the fourth in a series of International Energy Efficiency Fora following those held in Kazakhstan in 2010, Tajikistan in 2011 and Kyrgyzstan in 2012.

The forum will include a workshop “A Road Map to Energy Efficient Residential Sector”, which is organized by the UNECE Housing and Land Management Unit and will take place on 18 September.

You are cordially invited to attend the forum and the workshop.

A draft programme and a registration form for the forum and the workshop are attached to this information. All information on the Forum is also posted at the website http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=32843.

Please send the completed registration form when possible by 16 August 2013 to feeiuneceorg with a copy to sofiaeconomyge, amokacaeconomyge and laurencerottauneceorg. Information for participants will be provided to registered participants and posted on the Forum website.

For further information, please contact the UNECE Trade and Sustainable Land Management Division: Ms. Gulnara Roll, Head of Housing and Land Management Unit (tel. +41 (0)22 917 2257; email: gulnararolluneceorg).

Kind regards,

Housing and Land Management Unit

Trade and Sustainable Land Management Division

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - UNECE

 27.-29. September 2013

Toblacher Dialogue - Entrepreneurship Great Transformation, Toblach, South Tyrol

5. May -28. July 2013

The Making Peace photographic exhibition

Utrecht, Netherlands

The Making Peace photographic exhibition explains what 5 essential elements are necessary to create a sustainable peace. Curated and managed by Ashley Woods and REALexpo.org, it is hoped that Making Peace will be shown in many other cities around the world over the coming decade. A dedicated educational syllabus is also being developed that will be freely available for teachers to download from the Making Peace website. If you or your organisation would like to see Making Peace presented in your town or city send an email to: helpmakingpeaceorg.

Also shown in Stockholm, Sweden from 1. June - 31. October 2013 (in partnership with the Nobel Museum). Learn more here: makingpeace.org/en/venues/2013/utrecht


27.-29. June, 2013


T.C. Maltepe Municipality
Türkan Saylan Cultural Center
Maltepe / Istanbulen

EUROSOLAR Turkey invites you to IRENEC 2013, 3rd International 100% Renewable Energy Conference that will be held on 27-29 June in Istanbul.

EUROSOLAR Turkey, the Turkish Section of European Association for Renewable Energies, in line with the vision of the Association, is organizing every year IRENEC, International 100% Renewable Energy Conferences, to set up an international platform to discuss the technical, economic, political aspects of transition to 100% Renewable Energy and build the courses to realize this vision in industry, architecture, transportation, local communities and training.

See the conference website here: www.irenec2013.com/giris.php.eu/index.php


27.-29. June, 2013

Report from the GN’s 2013 Space Conference:

The High North and International Security

Kiruna is a city of about 20,000 people in the High North in Norbotten County, Lapland, above the Arctic Circle. It is the land of the midnight sun and while we were there we never saw the sun set it was daylight for 24 hours which was a bit disorienting at first but I think we soon got used to it.

Kiruna is well known as a mining town and has the largest underground iron ore mine in the world with a 4km long and 80m thick iron ore seam reaching a depth of 2km, Mining began at the site over 100 years ago and LKAB has produced over 950Mt of ore, although only one third of the original ore body has been extracted so far. Since mid-1999, Kiruna's haulage level at a depth of 775m has been replaced by the next level down at 1,045m, which will support production until 2018.

See the conference website here

17. -21. June 2013

Science and Technology 2013 conference

Vienna, Austria

To further build and strengthen its relationship with the broader scientific community, the CTBTO invites you to the SnT2013 Conference: Scientists and technologists, science administrators, academics, scientific representatives to the CTBTO's policy-making organs, and representatives of agencies involved in research and development in areas potentially relevant to the Treaty’s verification regime. Members of the diplomatic community, the media and civil society are also welcome.

The deadline for abstract submission is 1 February 2013. Please see  the SnT2013 website: www.ctbto.org/specials/snt2013/


15. April, 2013


More information:

english: www.inesglobal.com/picture/upload/file/GDAMS-2013-Call-for-Action-EN.pdf



french: www.inesglobal.com/picture/upload/file/GDAMS-2013-Call-for-Action-FR.pdf 

26.-30. March 2013

World Social Forum

Tunis, Tunisia

The Maghrebian Social Forum's steering Committee and the WSF 2013 Tunisian Secretariat are inviting movements, unions, organizations and groups of activists of civil society from Tunisia, Maghreb, Machrek, from the African continent, from the Mediterranean region and from around the world to get involved in the process of registration and proposal of activities.
Deadline for registration December 1: From now on and until the 1st of December, you can register your organization(s) and proposed the activities (seminars, workshops, meetings...) that you wish to organize during the next
World Social Forum.

We remind you that, at the end of the proposal phase, you will be able, during the amalgamation or « agglutination » stage from the 1st of December to the 15th of January, to group your proposals together with the ones made by other groups, network and campaigns, before the final registration and payment step. More information and registration here: www.fsm2013.org/en 


2.-3. March, 2013

ICAN Civil Society Forum - Oslo, 2-3 March

Oslo, Norway

Five months from now, the government of Norway will host an international conference on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. With this conference, governments clearly signal that they are finally ready to pull their heads from the sand and open their eyes to the catastrophic and all-too-real humanitarian effects of nuclear weapons.
If just one of the world's 19,000 nuclear weapons was detonated, be it intentionally or accidentally, not only would it kill thousands of people instantly, but, as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has concluded, first responders would be unable to provide the emergency relief so urgently needed.This would compound the humanitarian impact of the blast and transfom it into a catastrophe. This makes the continued existence and deployment of nuclear weapons one of the most serious humanitarian challenges of our time.
To demonstrate that it is both possible and urgent to solve this, and achieve a ban on nuclear weapons sooner rather than later, in Olso on March 2-3, 2013 we have invited hundreds of people from all corners of the world to the ICAN Civil Society Forum.See the program and register here: www.slmk.org/HC2013/


26. February -1. March 2013

Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply

Berlin, Germany

The International Conference on “Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply” (MES) was established as an international forum to discuss the micro perspective of the technical, economic, social, and environmental aspects of microenergy systems.

The MES conference brings together leading academics from the social sciences, economics, natural sciences, and engineering, as well as practitioners (e.g. project developers and implementers, entrepreneurs).

See the conference website here: http://www.microenergysystems.tu-berlin.de/conference/


22. February, 2013

Middle Powers Initiative (MPI) Framework Forum

Berlin, Germany

More information coming soon here: www.middlepowers.org/index.html



20. February 2013

Paths to a nuclear weapon-free world

Berlin, Germany

This public event on the wake of the Middle Powers Initiative's (MPI) framework meeting in Berlin will discuss ways to abolish nuclear weapons.Organizors are IALANA, INES, IPPNW, IPB and the German network Future without nuclear weapons and Friedrich-Ebert Foundation with the support of MPI and PNND.

See the program here: Paths to a nuclear weapon-free world


4.-7. February, 2013

Sustainable Energy - Sustainable Living: Planning for Action

Jokkmokk, Norrbotten, Sweden
20 years after the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro we might already have crossed some planetary boundaries leading to irreversible and abrupt environmental changes. A melting Arctic and the world’s hunger for metals and energy are leading to an increasing interest in exploiting the Northern regions. At what costs is that to happen and how will it affect people? At the same time, a growing number of communities are working on sustainable energy and sustainable living solutions. The European Covenant of Mayors and its thousands member municipalities committed to climate protection are one example. What can we learn from them?
The Jokkmokk Winter Conference 2013 focuses therefore on the following issues:
·    A Planet under Stress: How much human activity can the biosphere afford?
·    Climate Change, Energy Production and the Arctic: conflicts and solutions
·    Covenant of Mayors: European municipalities planning actions for Sustainable Energy
·    Traditional indigenous knowledge: A resource for today’s decisions?

See the conference website here: www.nncc.eu/index.php/jokkmokk-winterconference/program 

19.-20. January 2013

German-French Peace Seminar

Berlin, Germany

On January 21st and 22nd 2013 the German Bundestag and the French National Assembly commonly commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée contracts which constitutes the basis for the German-French friendship in the second half of the twentieth century through collective events including such in the German Bundestag in Berlin. 50 years later, this amity and peace should be solemnized. Amity between states and governments but after centuries marked by hatred and wars in the first place amity between nations. Peace and reconciliation between Germany and France is a historical achievement.

For continuing reading and the program of the seminar please visit:


19.-20. January 2013

German-French Peace Seminar on 50 years of Élysée Treaties

Berlin, Germany
On January 21st and 22nd 2013 the German Bundestag and the French National Assembly commonly commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée contracts which constitutes the basis for the German-French friendship in the second half of the twentieth century through collective events including such in the German Bundestag in Berlin. 50 years later, this amity and peace should be solemnized. Amity between states and governments but after centuries marked by hatred and wars in the first place amity between nations. Peace and reconciliation between Germany and France is a historical achievement.

Still, there are questions, open issues and peace-jeopardizing developments at both sides that should not be forgotten nor perish.

Read on

See the program here