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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

Events 2012

For Students & Youth related events go to: www.inesglobal.com/student-events.phtml


3.-4. February 2012

EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference

Brussels, Belgium
The first EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference will be a significant international event, drawing 200+ governmental and non-governmental participants from both EU Member States and other countries who are engaged in countering the proliferation of WMD, SALW, space weapons and delivery vehicles, as well as on disarmament. Program outline and registration here: http://www.iiss.org/conferences/eu-non-proliferation-and-disarmament-conference/


14.-15. February 2012

45th Anniversary of the Treaty of Tlatelolco

International seminar on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Treaty of Tlatelolco (Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean.) It is embodied in the OPANAL (Spanish: el Organismo para la Proscripción de las Armas Nucleares en la América Latina y el Caribe, the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean). See information and the preliminary program (click on Agenda) in Spanish here: www.opanal.org/inicio.html

23. February 2012

Nuclear Weapons and Humanity's Future

Lecture Featuring Daniel Ellsberg
Santa Barbara, USA

Daniel Ellsberg, a former U.S. nuclear analyst best known for his 1971 leak of a 7,000-page study known as the "Pentagon Papers," will speak on "Nuclear Weapons and Humanity's Future" at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's 11th Annual Frank K. Kelly Lecture. The free event will take place Thursday, February 23, at 7:00 p.m. at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara.
For more information, call the NAPF office at 001-805- 965-3443 or download a flyer here:


ellsberg_flyer.pdf (244K)


25. February 2012

Teacher Conference: Science and technology: when does use become misuse?

Forthcoming presentation by: Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director, SGR
Widnes, Cheshire, UK

This presentation will be part of a one-day course for science teachers organised by the Development Education Project, entitled What is Science For? Exploring science in a global society.

Further details including registration details: http://dep.org.uk/news/what-is-science-for-conference-february-2012/


24.-25. February 2012

Protests on the Minuteman III test launch

On Feb 24 and 25 protests are planned around the world to demand a halt to the Vandenberg Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) test launch of the LGM-30 Minuteman. In Santa Barbara, Daniel Ellsberg and David Krieger will hold a press conference and rally on Feb 24 at 11 am to demand a halt. At midnight (11:55 pm Feb 24) at front gate protest will be held at Vandenberg Space Command six miles north of Lompoc on the central California coast. In the Los Angeles area, please join the Los Angeles Women’s Intenational League for Peace and Freedom for a 12 Noon protest at the Space and Missile tracking center, 262 N. Douglas, El Segundo, which is key to the launch. Read more here:vandenbergwitness.org/2012/01/06/icbm-missile-test-launch-february-24-2012


25. February 2012

U.S. Air Force test launches a Minuteman III

Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, toward the Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, Central Pacific Ocean.
Shortly before the 48th anniversary of the U.S. nuclear test "Castle Bravo," which was the largest U.S. nuclear explosion on the Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands on March 1st, the U.S. Military still missuses the Marshall Islands.




10. March 2012

Your World: With or Without Nuclear Weapons

Public Lecture Series, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
See: www.wagingpeace.org/menu/resources/calendar/

23. March 2012

The Medical Implications of Fukushima, Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation

Lecture by Helen Caldicott, co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility
Sponsored by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Santa Barbara, CA/USA

28. March 2012

An Arctic nuclear weapons free zone- needed now!

International Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Climate change and nuclear weapons, the two great security threats of the 21st century, are uniquely influential in the Arctic. Although the current risk of conflict is low, the global future is potentially turbulent. There is a 'new' Arctic because of meltdown induced by climate change. Some see great economic opportunities; others see ecological and human security threats. Governance requires new national and multinational agreements; now is the time to gain acceptance for a future nuclear-free Arctic. Read on.




14. April 2012

Preparation meeting: Afghanistan Peace Conference 2012

Cologne, Germany 

  • Discussion on the general political situation
  • Develop thoughts on mutual activities.

Further information: reinerbrauninesglobalcom


16. April 2012

New INES campaign on Disarmament for Sustainable Development

Press conference on the occasion of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending
Berlin, Germany, 11:00 at the INES office

INES launches  the International Appeal and its new campaign on Disarmament for Sustainable Development. Co-sponsored by the International Peace Bureau (IPB), Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) and the World Future Council (WFC), the Appeal calls on the governments meeting at the Earth Summit in June to agree on a global plan for disarmament and to use the freed-up funds for social, economic and ecological programmes.
Ulrich Thöne, Education and Science Union (GEW)
Monty Schädel, German Peace Association
Christine Hoffmann, Pax Christi
Reiner Braun, INES


17. April 2012

Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS)

Over 130 events planned in 40 countries
Actions come as new global military spending data released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

The current economic crisis has put pressure on the world’s governments to reduce spending on critical human needs: confronting climate change, battling deadly diseases, achieving the Millennium Development Goals. But apart from a few courageous exceptions, national governments continue to waste enormous resources on the military. Figures from the 2011 SIPRI annual report show that the world’s governments are spending more than ever on the military:  $1740 billion per year – and rising. If spent differently, this money would go a long way to resolving the real challenges facing our planet.
To read the SIPRI press release please click here.
Already yesterday, INES launched its new campaign on Disarmament for Sustainable Development with an international appeal to the 2012 Rio plus 20 conference. Co-sponsored by the International Peace Bureau (IPB), Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) and the World Future Council (WFC), the appeal calls on the governments meeting at the Earth Summit in June to agree on a global plan for disarmament and to use the freed-up funds for social, economic and ecological programmes. See: www.inesglobal.com/campaigns.phtml

Read more on the GDAMS here. See the documentation of the events around the globe here:demilitarize.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/GDAMS2012-final.pdf


22. April 2012

Earth Day 2012

By David Krieger

We live in a vast universe made up of billions of galaxies, each of which is made up of billions of stars. Our home is a small planet that revolves around a small sun in a remote galaxy. It is just the right distance from the sun that it is not too hot and not too cold to support life. It has air that is breathable, water that is drinkable, and topsoil suitable for growing crops. In the immensity of space, it is a very small dot, what astrophysicist Carl Sagan referred to as a “pale blue dot.” Our Earth is the only place we know of that harbors life. It is precious beyond any riches that could be imagined. One would think that any sane, self-reflecting creatures that lived on this planet would recognize its beauty and preciousness and would want to tend to it with care. In Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic book, The Little Prince, the prince says, “It’s a matter of discipline. When you’ve finished washing and dressing each morning, you must tend to your planet.” Read on
Learn more about Earth Day: www.earthday.org/

28. April 2012

INES Council meeting

Vienna, Austria


30. April - 11. May, 2012

NPT PrepCom

Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) for the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)
Vienna, Austria.

Most events of INES & associates are taking place in the NGO Room M2 in the Vienna International Centre.
The international symposium on the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency is held in the City Hall Vienna. The public discussion of the main results of the symposium with politicians is held at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.

Single events supported by:  International Peace Bureau (IPB), Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War IPPNW) and the World Future Council  (WFC).
MONDAY, 30 April

10:00–13:00: Nuclear weapons in Europe and nuclear sharing
Organized by IALANA, INES
US nuclear weapons as well as British and French still remain on the European continent. How can these stockpiles be included in efforts of disarmament, how can Europe become a nuclear weapons free zone? Nuclear sharing, for example in Germany, interferes contradicts the NPT, yet it is reality.

Peter Becker (IALANA): „Nuclear sharing and a (yet unique) law suit against German participation in nuclear sharing”
Jean Marie Collin: French nuclear weapons and disarmament process
Kate Hudson(CND): British nuclear weapons modernization
Hans Kristensen (FAS): Political process and next steps in Europe
Moderation: Arielle Denis (ICAN), David Krieger (NAPF)

15:00–18:00: The role of science in military related research and technology development
Organized by IPB, INES

Science and research, generously sponsored, pushed the technological development of weapons. Military research is a significant beater of armament; civil alternatives against weapons research are available, for example civil clauses and projects of conversion.

Subrata Ghoshroy (MIT): The dynamics of science, research and technology in the field of weapons development
Reiner Braun (INES): Military research and civil clause
Stuart Parkinson (SGR): Military research and conversion projects in GB
Moderation: Ingeborg Breines (IPB)



15:00–18:00: Nuclear weapons convention

Still the Nuclear Weapons Convention is not the basis of international negotiations on disarmament. What are the major features of the convention and which next steps must be initiated towards its realization?

Peter Weiss (IALANA): NWC - the challenge of abolishing nuclear weapons
Alyn Ware (PNND): Next steps towards the NWC
John Burroughs (LCNP): NWC – framework agreements, framework of instruments
Jürgen Scheffran (INES/INESAP): NWC and environmental loads
Kenji Urata (IALANA): NWC and Criminality
Arielle Denis (ICAN): Which strategy for the Abolition of Nuclear weapons?
Moderation: Xanthe Hall (IPPNW Europe)


16:00 - 22:00 International Symposium on the Role of the International Atomic Energy Agency – critically questioned
Town Hall Vienna
Organized by INES, IALANA, INESAP, IPB, IPPNW, ENRIC, FWU. With the support of transform!europe and Stiftung Friedensbewegung.
Patronage: Ulli Sima, City Councillor for Environment of the city of Vienna.
Download the program flyer with detailed information on topics and speakers as well as location here



15:00–18:00: The modernization of the nuclear arsenals – a new arms race?
Organized by INES, IALANA, IPPNW
All nuclear weapons states are modernizing their arsenals. A new arms race of the old and new nuclear weapons states might take place. Are there alternatives?

John Burroughs (LCNP): Modernaisation and international law
Jackie Cabasso (WSLF): Modernization in the US
Rebecca Johnson (CND): Modernization strategies in GB and France
Subrata Ghoshroy (MIT): Nuclear weapons in India and Pakistan
Moderation: Reiner Braun (INES, IALANA)

19:00-21:30 : Public Event: Discussion of the main results of the IAEA symposium with politicians
Banquet Hall, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
(See details in the pdf on the IAEA symposium above).


10:00–13:00: Climate change, nuclear risks and nuclear disarmament
Organized by INES, IPPNW, WFC

In the future, nuclear and climate risks may interfere with each other in a mutually enforcing way. Preventing the dangers of climate change and nuclear war requires an integrated set of strategies that address the causes as well as the impacts on the natural and social environment.

Aron Tovish (IPPNW): Implications of catastrophic climate change for nuclear deterrence
Rob van Riet (WFC): Nuclear weapons and environment
Moderation: Lucas Wirl (INES)

The contact person for  these side events is Lucas Wirl.

All events can be seen here: www.reachingcriticalwill.org/disarmament-fora/npt/2012/calendar-of-events


standbild_tv, www.flickr.com

1.-8. May 2012

National German week of action on Civil Clauses

For further info contact: lucaswirlinesglobalcom







18.-19. May 2012

Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice

Chicago, USA

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the G8 are holding a summit meeting in Chicago, from 19.-21. May 2012. We, peace and justice activists, will gather at a counter summit to voice a new vision of global security and peace.
While the NATO Summit meets at McCormick Place in Chicago we will gather at at the People's Church on 941 West Lawrence from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon.
While they discuss the Afghanistan war, and the U.S. tries to hold European feet to the fires of increasing military spending and planning future wars on the model of Libya, we will be mapping out campaigns for a future free of wars, occupation and the costs of a militarized foreign policy.
The conference will bring together representatives of the 99% from the US and around the world who oppose the policies which generate wars and impoverish our communities.See the program here: www.natofreefuture.org/2012/02/conference-agenda/.
Sponsored by: Network for a NATO-Free World: Global Peace and Justice

Read the Chicago call here
Read the final statement here

Listen to an interview by Amy Goodman with Reiner Braun on Democracy Now!, taken at the NATO- Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice in Chicago, USA on May 21, 2012.
See press coverage on the NATO-Counter summit here: www.no-to-nato.org/
See photos here: www.flickr.com/photos/lucaswirl/sets/72157629775167690/

19. May 2012

2012 AGM of the Scientists for Global Responsibility, UK

London, UK

This AGM will mark Scientists for Global Responsibility’s 20th anniversary. Apart from the formal business of the AGM, we will also have a strategy development forum to reflect on SGR’s achievements to date, and discuss our future path.

Further information, including registration details, will sent to all SGR members shortly, and will also appear on the SGR website at:www.sgr.org.uk/events/sgr-conferences


20.-21. May 2012

NATO Summit 2012

See: www.nato.int/cps/en/SID-ECE7CAF0-8C7A70D9/natolive/news_82097.htm




19. May 2012

Food Revolution Day

Worldwide, obesity has more than doubled since 1980. For the first time in history, being overweight is killing more people than being underweight, and at least 2.8 million adults around the world die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. This has to change, and it’s down to us. We need to get back to basics and start thinking about where our food comes from. We need to become a conscious community and understand the food choices we make on a daily basis. We can do this by improving food education.
Bring food education back to Schools. Youth today are inheriting a poor diet and global epidemic of diet-related diseases. This is your chance to demand better food education in schools. Take action and register your school or youth organisation to join students around the world standing up for real food. Don’t forget to download our ‘30 Ideas to Start a Food Revolution at School’ eBook, which will inspire you to get started. http://foodrevolutionday.com/get-involved-schools.html
Read more about the food revolution day.


26.-27. May 2012

AGM of the Japan Scientists' Association

                                                      Tokyo, Japan  


29. May 2012

Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit in CUBA  –  Erfahrungen, Perspektiven und RIO+20

Berlin, Germany

Vorträge und Diskussion, organisiert vom Netzwerk Cuba, den INES Mitgliedsoranisationen Nat Wiss und KriWi, und INES.
Prof. Dr. María Cristina Muñoz Perez (Umweltagentur des Ministeriums CITMA)
· S. E. Jorge Jurado (Botschafter von Ecuador)
· Alfredo Candia (Botschaftsrat von Bolivien)
· Reinhard Baier (NABU – AG Kubakrabbenschutz)
Moderation: Dr. Edgar Göll (Netzwerk Cuba e.V.) und Einleitung von Julia
Pippig (INES).

Informationen bei:Netzwerk Cuba, Phone: +49 (0)30 - 24 00 93 38, infonetzwerk-cubade

15.-16. June 2012

Verantwortung der Wissenschaften für Frieden und Zukunftsfähigkeit

University of Karlsruhe/ KIT, Germany

Symposium in German. Download Program Flyer here:



13. June 2012

Report Launch: “Unleashing the Nuclear Watchdog: Strengthening and Reform of the IAEA”

Vienna, Austria, 12:30 - 15:00
The Centre for International Governance Innovation will release its long-awaited report, “Unleashing the Nuclear Watchdog: Strengthening and Reform of the IAEA.”
The report will be launched at an event co-hosted by the Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (VCDNP). The event will take place at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna. Read on here: www.cigionline.org/events/iaea-vienna


2. June 2012

Nuclear Abolition Day 

Further info: http://www.nuclearabolition.org/

Nuclear Abolition Day 2012: A great success!

Thanks to all of you who around the world took action on our global day, Nuclear Abolition Day 2012 was a great success.

This year the international call for action sought to raise public and political awareness about the threats and risks of current nuclear weapons policies, with over 20,000 nuclear warheads in arsenals around the world.

In particular, we called on non-nuclear armed countries – the vast majority of the world’s states – to lead the process of ridding the world of these lethal weapons of mass extermination. Building upon the successes of previous days of action, Nuclear Abolition Day 2012 focused on the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons.

We are happy to report that our "Ten Seconds is all it takes" video (which was translated into 10 languages), went viral reaching 10,000 unique views on youtube!
Click here to see an impressive 1:33 min video!


16. -19. June 2012

Ecological Economics and Rio+20: Challenges and Contributions for a Green Economy

International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Read more here: isee2012.org/index.php


15.-23. June, 2012

Peoples summit for Social and Environmental Justice

Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The global civil society, organizations, collectives and social movements will propose a new way of living on the planet, in solidarity against the commodification of nature and in defense of the commons.
Read more here:rio20.net/en/events/peoples-summit-for-social-and-environmental-justice/

20.-22. June 2012

Rio+20 Earth Summit

UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) or 'Rio+20', Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

INES in cooperation with the Federation of German Scientists (FGS), the International Peace Bureau (IPB), the World Future Council (WFC) and Mayors for Peace (MfP) offers various seminars and events at the Earth - and the Peoples Summit, in order to contribute to a just and sustainable world. Particularly, the topics “Food Security” and “Disarmament for Development” are to be designed actively in Rio. We invite you cordially to accompany the following events and projects. The "edible tank" (see background info below) will be shown around the events.

18. June, 2012

Disarmament for Development

Organisers: INES, FGS, IPB, WFC
13:30 - 15:00

  • Angelika Hilbeck (Moderation, ETH Zürich)
  • José Ramos-Horta (Nobel Prize Laureate, former President, East-Timor)
  • Diego Borja (Economist, former Economy Minister, Ecuador)
  • Annette Willi (IPB)
  • Reiner Braun (Executive Director FGS)
  • Hans Herren (Millennium Institute, Washington D.C.)

Room: T-6. See details here: www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/index.php

Tuesday, 19. June, 2012

The the edible tank made of bread will be presented at a close-by favela in cooperation with the Brazilian organization VivaRio.

Wednesday, the 20. June, 2012

The edible tank will accompany the march at the Global Day of Action.

21. June, 2012

The Future of Food – challenges and recommendations

Organisers: INES, FGS, IPB, WFC
13:15 - 14:45
Room: UN3 (Barra Arena). This Side event is taking place outside RioCentro in the Barra Arena.

  • Diego Borja (Economist, former Economy Minister, Ecuador)
  • Angelika Hilbeck (ETH Zürich)
  • Joachim Spangenberg (INES)
  • Hans Herren (Millennium Institute, Washington D.C.)
  • Reiner Braun (Moderation, FGS)

See details and the program here: www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/index.php

Thursday, the 21. June, 2012

In front of the official conference locations with different events, speeches by politicians and local leaders, music and the symbolic eating of the tank made of bread.

22. June, 2012

Food, agriculture and conflicts – challenge for peace

Organisers: INES, FGS, IPB
11:00 - 12:30, Room: P3-A.

  • Angelika Hilbeck (ETH Zürich)
  • Joachim Spangenberg (INES)
  • Annette Willi (IPB)

See details here: www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/index.php

Friday, the 22. June, 2012

The "refurbished" tank will be exhibited at the People's Summit.

Search and find all side events here: www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/index.php

Find Documents and Proposals, and be part of the Rio+20 Community here: rio20.net/en/

Official UN website: www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/index.html


The edible tank made of bread at the Rio+20 Earth Summit


Every six seconds a child dies of malnourishment, and large parts of society (and especially politicians) are still turning a blind eye on this tragedy. Therefore, the World Future Council (WFC) togehter with INES and the IPB want to raise awareness that the fight against extreme poverty and hunger can in fact be won and realistically financed – in particular by reducing worldwide military spending in favour of diverting these expenses for funding sustainable development. As a symbol for change, the WFC will present a full-sized tank whose entire bodywork is made out of bread. A corresponding exhibition will explain what can be reached by military cutbacks and the redirecting of the flow of the freed-up money.

If only 10% of the amount of global military spending of $1740 billion was spent on improving health, ecological and social conditions for the most disadvantaged people of our world, we would have global food security within a matter of years. We will be calling for the reduction of military spending by 10% at the Rio+20 Summit. To give substance, visibility and media presence to our demand we are going to bake a tank. This unique mobile sculpture, measuring 8m x 4m x 3m, will be a symbol of how the world's military budget should really be used - to fund sustainable development, fight hunger and extreme poverty, improve food and water security, and provide education and healthcare. Inside the bread tank is a vegetable garden that will become visible as the tank is consumed. No bread will be wasted: Remaining food will be donated to a charitable food bank. The Bread Tank will be accompanied by an exhibition that juxtaposes current military spending with money requried to finance exemplary social and ecological measures.

For further information please contact Holger Guessefeld of the World Future Council: holgerguessefeldworldfuturecouncilorg
Read more about the tank on the World Future Council website.
Download more info about the tank made of bread here:


22. June 2012

Exploring a legal framework for toxic remnants of war

Berlin, Germany
The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) and IKV Pax Christi have launched a research project seeking to assess the health and environmental impact of toxic substances released during military activities. Developments in the project can be followed via an online research hub at www.toxicremnantsofwar.info


27. June 2012

Middle East Arms Control, Missile Proliferation, and WMDFZ

Vienna , Austria

12:30 - 14:30, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

The conflict-ridden region of the Middle East/Gulf has the highest density of weapons, including missiles. The authors of "Arms Control and Missile Proliferation in the Middle East" - 39 in total, most of them originating from within the region - analyze this volatile security situation and outline the conditions under which a gradual missiles reduction might be achieved in the Middle East. Read more here: campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render


28.-30. June 2012


2nd International 100% Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition

Maltepe / Istanbul

EUROSOLAR Turkey, the Turkish Section of European Association for Renewable Energies, in line with the vision of the Association, is organizing every year IRENEC, International 100% Renewable Energy Conferences, to set up an international platform to discuss the technical, economic, political aspects of transition to 100% Renewable Energy and build the courses to realize this vision in industry, architecture, transportation, local communities and training.
Call for papers:
Deadline for Full Papers (not more than 5 pages in English) : April 15, 2012
See the conference topics on the website: irenec2012.com/icerik.php


9. - 11. July 2012

Ethics in Sustainable Training and Continual Professional Development for Scientists and Engineers

Bradford, UK

Twin International Meeting of the European COST Network – Delivering Social Responsibility

1. Ethics in Sustainable Training and Continual Professional Development for Scientists and Engineers
2. Annual Bradford Biosecurity Education Meeting 2 – Biosecurity for Life Scientists: Progress and Challenges after the Seventh Review Conference of the BWC.

  • Henk Zandvoort Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  • Richard Bowen i-Newton, Wales
  • Tom Borsen Aarlborg University, Denmark
  • Colette Griffin ENSTA, Bretagne, France
  • Eddie Conlon Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Esat Alpay Imperial College, London
  • Lawrence Coates University of East Anglia
  • Raffaella Ocone Heriot Watt University, Scotland
  • Dana Perkins BW Nonproliferation & Counterterrorism Branch (US Dept. Of Health and Human Services)
  • Judi Sture Bradford Disarmament Research Centre
  • Simon Whitby Director, Bradford Disarmament Research Centre
  • Giulio Mancini (LNCV) Landau Network Centro Volta, Como, Italy
  • Masa Minehata Bradford Disarmament Research Centre
  • Jo Husbands US National Academy of Sciences
  • Malcolm Dando (round table) Bradford Disarmament Research Centre
  • Catherine Rhodes Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation, University of Manchester, UK.

Read on.


Meeting of Experts to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). 16. -20. July 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

For more information please click here.
INES representative Prof. Kathryn Nixdorff will participate. Please read her report here:

and the INES statement here:


6. August 2012

67th Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing – Ceremony Hopes for Record Attendance by Foreign Ambassadors

With August 6th this year marking the 67th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing on Hiroshima, 73 ambassadors from foreign countries are expected to be in attendance at this year’s ceremonial event. This will be the first year that an envoy from Britain will come to Japan for the event, however ambassadors from several countries recognized as nuclear powers haven’t yet responded to their invitations. France, Russia, and even the United States are among those not yet confirmed. Read more here:bionicbong.com/travel/places-in-japan/67th-anniversary-hiroshima-bombing-aug-6th-ceremony-hopes-record-attendance-foreign-ambassadors/


2.-9. August 2012

World Conference against Atomic & Hydrogen Bombs

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan

To read the opening speech of INES staff member Reiner Braun please click here.
Program click here. Read the final declaration of the conference here. Read the Appeal from Hiroshima here


Source: wikipedia

10.-12. August 2012

India test launches its Agni II intermediate-range ballistic missile.

Integrated Test Range, Wheeler Island, Orissa, India.

Read more here: http://missilethreat.com/archives/id.7626/detail.asp 






12.-18. August 2012

Visionaries in Action - an international youth & laureates conference

Mannheim, Germany

Some 80 youths will meet with Right Livelihood Award Laureates at the conference "Visionaries in action".
Frances Moore-Lappé, Alyn Ware, Nnimmo Bassey and Raul Montenegro have confirmed their participation.

The conference, Visionaries in Action, is a project of the Youth Future Project, which is the youth network of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation.


29. August 2012

International Day against Nuclear Tests

Since nuclear weapons testing began with the first test in 1945, nearly 2,000 have taken place. There has been little consideration of the devastating effects of testing on human life, let alone the understanding of nuclear fallout from atmospheric tests. Early on, having nuclear weapons was a measure of scientific sophistication or military might. Hindsight and history have shown us the terrifying and tragic effects of nuclear weapons testing, especially when controlled conditions go awry, and in light of today’s nuclear weapons which are far more powerful and destructive. Subsequent incidents world-wide have provided compelling reasons for the need to observe the International Day against Nuclear Tests - a day in which educational events, activities and messages aim to capture the world’s attention and underscore the need for a unified attempt in preventing further nuclear weapons testing. Read more here: www.un.org/en/events/againstnucleartestsday/

An Informal Meeting of the General Assembly to mark the Observance of the International Day against Nuclear Tests will be held on September 6, 2012 at the UN headquarters in New York/USA. Read the program here: www.un.org/en/events/againstnucleartestsday/2012/events2012.shtml

"The importance of bringing the CTBT into force cannot be overemphasized. The world has endured over 2,000 nuclear tests since 1945. Such tests poison the environment—and they poison the political climate as well. They breed mistrust, isolation and fear. "

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the Website on the International Day against Nuclear Tests


5. September 2012

EU Response to Ecological Overshoot Day

Implementing the Rio+20 outcomes

Brussels, Belgium

Please click on the poster to enlarge it.




6. September 2012

Informal Meeting of the General Assembly to mark the Observance of the International Day against Nuclear Tests

UN headquarters in New York/USA.

The official opening ceremony will be followed by a High-Level Panel on the Role of the United Nations in Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation.
The panelists are expected to cover some key issues, including necessary steps for further progress on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, the establishment of further nuclear-weapon-free zones, confidence building and other relevant concerns.
Read the program and see the speakers here: www.un.org/en/events/againstnucleartestsday/2012/events2012.shtml





6.-8. September 2012

Nuclear Energy, Disarmament, and Nonproliferation

2012 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference, Moskow, Russia

The event is being organized by the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS).

The Russian and foreign experts attending the conference will discuss a broad range of issues focusing on the challenges currently facing the nuclear nonproliferation regime. Other issues on the agenda will include safe and secure development of nuclear energy after the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, non-discriminatory access to nuclear technologies and the nuclear fuel cycle services, settlement of the Iranian nuclear crisis, denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, the prospects for multilateral disarmament, and the possibility of US-Russian cooperation on missile defense. Read more here: ceness-russia.org/eng/conf2012/about/


1.-7. September 2012

The Urban Future

Naples, Italy

  • Urban Planning: Institutions and Regulations, including the improvement of Quality of Life
  • Equity and Prosperity: Distribution of Wealth and Opportunities
  • Productive Cities: Competitive and Innovative Cities and Urban Mobility, Energy & Environment.

Read more and register here:www.unhabitat.org/content.asp


3.-7. September 2012

The Hague Week on Disarmament and Non-proliferation

15 years of OPCW
See programme for the Anniversary Event on 3 September 2012.
INES advisory council member Harry Kroto will give a video speech on science and ethics

Read more on the Hague week and the program of events here: www.opcw.org/opcw15/schedule-for-the-hague-week-on-disarmament-and-non-proliferation/


3.-7. and 10. September 2012

India test launches its nuclear-capable Agni III and IVintermediate-range ballistic missiles

Integrated Test Range, Wheeler Island, Orissa, India

Expected to happen in the week of September 3.-7. and on 10. 2012

Read ibnlive article: Agni-III test fire: India puts China on target



17.-19. September 2012

Education and Capacity Building for Renewable Energies: Concepts and Targets

SEPA-DESERTEC International Conference 2012
Giessen, Germany

Scientists in the African, Arabic and European region have already noticed that renewable energies are a key factor for sustainable development. These resources are a chance for the global community to meet energy and water demands, to combat climate change and to create socio-economic potentials for regional development. This is a prerequisite for stabilizing the region and therefore will ultimately improve the level of international security of a world with a population of 9 to 10 billion by the year 2050.
The SEPA-DESERTEC International Conference sets an initial point for more closely integrated research, science and education and to promote leadership within the field of renewable energies. It underlines the meaning of capacity building for a global application of renewable energies. Further information and registration: www.uni-giessen.de/cms/fbz/fb07/fachgebiete/physik/einrichtungen/2pi/ag/ag-dueren/energie/sepa-english/sepa-zwischenseite-en/previous-events/sepa-workshop-2012/sepa-workshop-2012


17.-21. September 2012

56th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Today the International Association Of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) and Global 2000 potested outside the IAEA building in Vienna and demanded a comprehensive reform of the IAEA

To read the IALANA press release (in German) please click here.


21. September 2012

International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day, occurs annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to peace, and specifically the absence of war, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone for humanitarian aid access. It is observed by many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples. The first year this holiday was celebrated was 1981.

Sir Elton John is to play a concert in London to support a campaign to persuade those in war zones to lay down their weapons for a day. See: www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18455354

Only TODAY, select books of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) are 25% off. See: www.wagingpeace.org/menu/store/books/september_sale.htm



21. September 2012

International Day of Peace Live Internet Event

The initiator, the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities (IAPMC) was established to recognize and encourage the role and responsibility cities have in creating a culture of peace. Learn more about the IAPMC and the event here: iapmc.org/september-21-sequence-of-events/


2. October 2012

100 days after Rio+20

100 Tage nach Rio+20 - Wie geht es weiter mit Ernährungssicherheit und nachhaltiger Landwirtschaft?

Bonn, Germany

The Federation of German Scientist (VDW) co-organises this event. Conference language is German.

Unter anderem möchten wir gerne folgende Fragen mit Ihnen diskutieren:

  • Welche Rolle kommt nachhaltiger Landwirtschaft und deren Forschung international zu?
  • Was hat der Rio-Gipfel für die Sicherung von Biodiversität und Welternährung gebracht?
  • Wie geht es mit der institutionellen Festigung der globalen nachhaltigen Entwicklung weiter und wie werden Landwirtschaft und Ernährungssicherheit in ihrem Kontext verortet?
  • Welche Schritte müssen zur Etablierung eines globalen Agrar-Assessments gegangen werden und wie kann eine Fortsetzung der Arbeit des Weltagrarrates im UN-Rahmen gesichert werden?

See the program here: www.vdw-ev.de/images/stories/vdwdokumente/aktuelles/SUE_100tage_rio+20_07.pdf

4. October 2012

2012 Conference on the Middle East Zone Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction - Searching for Solutions

Moswkow, Russia

Held by the Russian Centre for Policy Studies (PIR)

To see the program please click here.  


8.-19. October 2012

11th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 11) to the Convention on Biological Diversity

UN biodiversity meeting to discuss progress made and challenges to implement the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011 - 2020
Hyderabad, India

Governments are meeting in Hyderabad, India for the COP 11 to agree on the next steps in support of implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, agreed at COP 10 in 2010 in Nagoya, Japan.
The Strategic Plan, a ten-year framework for action in support of implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and its 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets, have been established as the overall framework for biodiversity work in the United Nations system. In line with their commitments in Nagoya, countries have been updating their national biodiversity strategies and action plans to achieve the Aichi Targets.
COP 11 is expected to review progress so far and to produce decisions that will provide further momentum for implementation of the targets. Read on here:www.cbd.int/doc/press/2012/pr-2012-10-05-cop-11-en.pdf


12. October 2012

The Economic Effects of Military Spending

Policy Forum, Washington, DC, USA

The Budget Control Act passed by Congress directs that on January 2, 2013, the Obama administration must cut the defense budget by at least $55 billion, and the same amount from domestic discretionary spending. The prospect of such reductions has led to assertions that they will damage the economy and increase unemployment. Meanwhile, many who view excessive government spending as economically counterproductive nevertheless oppose Pentagon cuts, partly in the belief that military spending is good for the economy and an important source of jobs. Others, however, claim that limiting Pentagon spending would make resources available for more productive uses in the private sector and lower the burden on the taxpayer. Is military spending different from other forms of government expenditures? Could the impending, mandatory cuts actually benefit the economy? Please join us for a spirited debate that will provide some much-needed perspective on the economic effects of military spending. Read on and register here: www.cato.org/event.php

If you can't make it to the Cato Institute, watch this event live online at www.cato.org/live and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #CatoEvents.


13. October 2012

Building towards a nuclear weapons-free Middle East: Civil society input for a new Helsinki process

CND International Conference
London, UK

In December of this year, Finland will host a conference in Helsinki on behalf of the United Nations, with the goal of making progress towards a WMD-free zone in the Middle East. The initiative is led by Finnish Minister Jaakko Laajava who has called for civil society input to the conference. To support this important development, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is calling an international conference, drawing together anti-nuclear activists from Britain and the Middle East to discuss input and raise the profile of this crucial issue. Register here: cnduk.org/about/cnd-conference/international-conference


13.-14. October 2012

"Stop the war - roads to peace in Afghanistan

International Peace Congress

Bonn, Germany

See the program here: www.afghanistanprotest.de/en/peace-congress-2012/program.html

Read an article on "Reinforcing Washington’s Asia-Pacific Hegemony" by Joseph Gerson here: www.asiapacificinitiative.org/reinforcing-washingtons-asia-pacific-hegemony/


Source: patrir.org

15.-17. October 2012

From Repression and Revolution to Active Citizenship, Nonviolence and Regional Solidarity

Tunis, Tunisia


16. October 2012

Nuclear Weapons on Trial

An evening with the Vandenberg 15 defendants.
Santa Barbara, USA

The anti-war protesters who were arrested at a Vandenberg ICBM test launch on February 25, 2012, will make their case for the urgent need of nuclear weapons abolition. The defendants will appear in federal court on Wednesday, October 17. Find more information here: vandenbergwitness.org/2012/09/19/nuclear-weapons-on-trial-2

24. October 2012

Nach Rio - Was nun?
Verantwortung der Wissenschaft

What now? A post-Rio+20-analysis
Berlin, Germany

NaturwissenschaftlerInnen in der Initiative "Verantwortung für Frieden und Zukunftsfähigkeit" (NatWiss) organises this event (in German). See the program here:


27. October 2012

Outlawing Nuclear Weapons: Time for a New International Treaty?

New York, USA
International community has outlawed certain means and methods of warfare, including the use of chemical and biological weapons. However, there is no specific international treaty banning the use of nuclear weapons yet—largely due to the resistance of the nuclear weapon states. What are the proposals and options available for a new treaty prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons? How can we move forward on such a new treaty?

Speech of David Krieger and Douglas Roche on the occasion of the International Law Week (25.-27.10.2012) of the International Law Association. Read the program here:ila-americanbranch.org/eventinfo/ILW%20Program%2009.12.2012.pdf

30. October - 2. November 2012

Sicherung der Welternährung und Armutsbekämpfung als Herausforderung für Frieden und Nachhaltigkeit

Göttingen, Germany

The Federation of German Scientists (VDW) organises this event (in German). Read more and see the program here: www.vdw-ev.de/index.php

12. November 2012

UNI Global Union's Forum: 5 minutes to midnight"

Nyon, Switzerland

Seminar for UNI affiliates by the UNI Global Union.


8.-11. November 2012

European Social Forum - Firenze 10+10

Ten years after the European Social Forum 2002 at the Fortezza da Bassot, networks, movements and civil society organisations will meet and converge to build together pan-European and Mediterranean strategies, campaigns and mobilisations.Joining forces for another Europe. Four days to exchange and converge on common strategies and actions. Further information here: http://www.firenze1010.eu/index.php/en/

TransForm will hold events in Florence. See description and program here: transform-network.net/en/calendar/calendar-2012/news/detail/Calendar/a-democratic-rupture-for-europe.html


12.-23. November 2012

Around the Globe and Around the Clock: The Science and Technology of the CTBT

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) is pleased to announce that online registration for the Advanced Science Course, “Around the Globe and Around the Clock: The Science and Technology of the CTBT” is now open at cdi.ctbto.org/elearning/
The course will take place at the Vienna International Centre and can be attended in-person or taken online. Participation is free of charge, but participants are responsible for any expenses incurred in attending the course in Vienna.


13. November 2012

Stop Provocative Testing of Minuteman III Missiles
A rehearsal for the apocalypse.

The U.S. Air Force is at it again. They have scheduled a test of a Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile for the early hours of November 14. Minuteman III missiles are on hair-trigger alert in silos in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. They carry thermonuclear warheads at least eight times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.
As Commander-in-Chief, President Obama has the power to cancel this test and decommission these dangerous missiles. A provocative missile test certainly should not be one of the first messages the world receives after the President’s re-election.

Join us at www.wagingpeace.org/goto/vandenberg to ask the president to stop these provocative
nuclear missile tests and to decommission these missiles immediately.


13. November 2012

PeaceJam Hero Awards Luncheon

Denver, USA
PeaceJam is an international education Program. Youth and Nobel Peace Laureates working together to change the world.
The mission of the PeaceJam Foundation is to create young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates who pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody.

Please join us for PeaceJam's fourth annual Hero Awards Luncheon! Don't miss out on your opportunity to hear our keynote speaker, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee!
Leymah Gbowee was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for her nonviolent efforts in leading a peaceful women’s movement across religious lines in Liberia, which played a pivotal role in ending the brutal Liberian Civil War. She also took a powerful stand with the women of Liberia against the use of rape as a weapon of war and has worked as a social worker to aid in the war-trauma recovery process, including the rehabilitation of child soldiers from across the West African region. Read more here: www.peacejam.org/luncheon.aspx


14. November 2012

Global Zero's youth demand for the endorsement of the Action Plan for a world without nuclear weapons

Brussels, Belgium

Global Zero's youth ambassadors will meet with the European Parliament to present them with a special display of our signatures and ask them to endorse the Global Zero Action Plan for a world without nuclear weapons. But to make a real impact they need your support. Sign the petition today! Please visit: unitedforzero.org/


16.-18. November 2012

Joining the Dots: Disarmament, Development and Democracy - The Dublin Dialogue

IPB Annual Conference + Council + MacBride Prize

Dublin, Ireland

First info here: www.ipb.org/web/index.php



19. November 2012

Launch of Study on Feed-in Tariffs in Africa

Energy scarcity and the high environmental costs of fossil and nuclear power production in Africa demand that energy production should not only increase but be based on renewable resources. To this end, feed-in tariffs (FITs) have already proved successful in several African countries. In order to evaluate the effects of the implementation of FITs, the World Future Council and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, with additional support provided by Friends of the Earth UK, have conducted an extensive field study with several researchers across Africa. The findings are presented and analysed in the book 'Advancing Renewable Energies – Feed-in Tariffs in Africa', which will be launched at a press conference on 19 November in Johannesburg, South Africa.


19. November 2012

7th SOAS-British Pugwash Conference on a Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone

London, UK

Read info here: www.cisd.soas.ac.uk/event/7th-soas-conference-on-a-middle-east-weapons-of-mass-destruction-free-zone,76563662


24. November 2012

Tackling Climate Change: Will Technology Save Us?

Warwick, UK

Speaker: Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director, SGR, UK
Read the program here:www.warwickclimateforum.org/programme.html


27.-28. November 2012

Green Economy – from intention to action

Bonn, Germany

The World Future Council is an official partner of the third Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption (SusCon). IIt will gather international decisionmakers from businesses, NGOs, governments and UN organisations that strive for the concrete implementation of an “inclusive green economy”. Among the participants will be world renowned speakers such as WFC Honorary Councillor Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and WFC Councillor Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva. Read more here: www.suscon.net/


26. November - 7. December 2012

18th session of the UN Climate Change Conference COP 18

Doha, Qatar

The World Future Council will host two side events at the COP 18:

1. Climate change resilience and the role of regenerative cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
GCC countries have developed rapidly due to fossil fuel revenues facilitating natural resource consumption. Vulnerability to climate change threatens this development. Experts will discuss projected impacts of climate change and response strategies including ‘regenerative’ development in the region.

“Renewable Energy Revolution - Lessons applied in the Middle East and Africa”

Germany’s feed-in tariff policy delivered the basis for an ambitious energy transition with the aim of phasing out nuclear power. It therefore provides a blueprint for countries worldwide. How can REFITs in Africa and the Middle East help to provide electricity access and thus tackle poverty whilst leapfrogging dirty technologies?


30. November 2012

Conference of the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention Seventeenth Session (CSP-17)

The Hague, the Netherlands

Read more here: http://www.opcw.org/csp17/


3.-7- December 2012

12th Meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty

Exactly 15 years after the Mine Ban Treaty was opened for signature in Ottawa, Canada, governments, international agencies, and civil society will gather in Geneva for the treaty’s 12th Meeting of States Parties (12MSP).

The 12MSP will also mark three years since the Cartagena Summit on a Mine-Free World, the treaty’s Second Review Conference and adoption of the Cartagena Action Plan: Ending The Suffering Caused By Anti-Personnel Mines 2010-2014. It is a chance for the international community to assess efforts to implement the treaty and the Cartagena Action Plan and to identify challenges and discuss plans how to fulfill these commitments by the treaty’s next review conference. Read more here: www.icbl.org/index.php/icbl/Treaty/MBT/Annual-Meetings/12MSP


10.-14. December 2012

Meeting of States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC)

For more information please click here.
INES representative Prof. Kathryn Nixdorff will participate. 



13.-15. December 2012

International Conference „Peace, Disarmament and Social Alternatives to Global NATO

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Please see the preliminary program here: