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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

Events 2010

Scientists for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World


Role of scientists and engineers for social responsibility in developing countries - 2nd national conference

17. January 2010, Nagpur/India

Successful conference organised by INES, the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection, the Indian Campaign to Ban Landmines & Cluster Munitions and IPPNW.

82 participants from all the parts of India attended the conference. Participants included various high ranking scientists, engineers, researchers, policy makers, intellectuals, legal experts, scientists, social workers and young scientists.

Keynote speakers were:

• Admiral Ramdas (Retd.), former Chief of the Indian Navy

Mr. M.D Date: Chairman, Institution of Engineers of India

Mr G.S.Saini, Director, National Civil Defence College, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Dr. Tapan Chakarabarty, Director, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India

Dr. Ramesh Thakre, Vice-Chairman Bharat Krishak Samaj, Former World Bank/ADBEx. World Bank/ADB/USAID-Project advisor in Africa

Dr. S. M.Taley, Professor of Agriculture Engineering and Director of the Agro-ecology and Environmental Center, A.D.Agriculture University

Who Owns Science? Promises and Pitfalls of the Public-Private Partnerships

19 March 2010, 14:00-18:00, Cambridge, UK

Who should own science?

As a part of the current system for the funding of science new provisions were designed over the last quarter of a century on both sides of the Atlantic. They were meant to provide an incentive for universities to privatize and protect their innovations and, ideally, for industry to make high-risk investments resulting in products made from those innovations. This gave rise to a steep increase in multiple forms of public-private partnerships and a systematic privatization of science. Among the questions we would like to raise at this meeting are, how has this reorganization of the funding landscape affected the practice of science? What are the benefits, and what are the possible limitations and drawbacks for the research enterprise?

Further information on speakers and registration:www.ebi.ac.uk/Information/events/whoownsscience

22. March, 2010

Alyn Ware
Auf dem Weg in die atomwaffenfreie Welt?

Diskussion (in German)

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Residenzschloss, Gebäude S3/13
Raum 56 (Seminarraum EG)
14 bis 16 Uhr

Weitere Informationen: www.ianus.tu-darmstadt.de

INES Council Meeting


16.-18. April 2010

at the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress
38 rue Saint Sabin, F 75011 Paris-France.

See programm

Friday, April 16, from 14:30 to 17:30

Energy: a tentative approach to actual needs and available resources that is both scientifically sound and socially responsible

The World Federation of Scientific Workers (WFSW) invites you to attend an open debate on social needs and energy resources promoted by the Federation on the occasion of its 79th Executive Council Meeting. The debate is due to take place at the Headquarters of the SNESup-Syndicat national de l’enseignement supérieur, 78 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, Paris 10ème arrt. (Subway: Château d’eau).

An introductory presentation will be made by Frederico Carvalho, Ph.D. in Applied Nuclear Physics, retired Senior Researcher of the Nuclear and Technological Institute (Sacavém, Portugal), and Vice-President of the Executive Council of the WFSW. French to English translation will be available.

Information and contact: fmtsfmts-wfsworg

For a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World
International Conference

30. April  – 1. May, 2010 Riverside Church,  New York City/USA

The 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review International Planning Committee, comprised of NGO’s from the United States, Europe and Asia is organizing a day and a half long international conference on Nuclear Abolition, Peace and Disarmament on May 1, 2010, the eve of the NPT Review Conference at the United Nations. The conference will be held in the Riverside Church in New York City and will include between 800 and 1,000 participants.

Nuclear disarmament should serve as the leading edge of a global trend toward demilitarization and redirection of resources to meet human needs and restore the environment.

Further information: www.peaceandjusticenow.org


Photo: Susumu Toshiyuki

MAKING PEACE Exhibition by the International Peace Bureau.
Inauguration along Lake Léman, Geneva/Switzerland

6. June 2010, 11am, Quai Wilson

INES will be represented by Program Director Reiner Braun. Information and discussion in the section DISARMAMENT AND NONVIOLENCE on 6. June 2010.




Bonn Climate Change Talks - June 2010

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNCCC)

31. May to 9. June 2010                                    unfccc.int/meetings/sb32/items/5573.php

INES workshop: Future wars? Conflicts in times of Climate Change

Thursday, 10.6.2010, 19:45
University of Bonn Main Building, Regina Pacis Weg 5,, Auditorium 17
Prof. Jürgen Scheffran, University of Hamburg, INES

Reiner Braun, VDW, INES

See Program: Bonn_Conflicts_war-11-6_d+engl.pdf (817K)

See presentation by Prof. Jürgen Scheffran: FutureWars_Bonn.pdf (7M)


Conference of "Mayors for Peace Germany"

11.-12. June 2010, Potsdam/Germany

INES Program Director and Executive Director of the German Section of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA)  Reiner Braun will give a speech.
For more information and the program (in German) please visit

See final declaration (in German): potsdamer_erklaerung.pdf (62K)



6th European Social Forum 1. - 4. July 2010, Istanbul

Another Europe is necessary.

See workshops and seminars of INES and affiliates here

Together with other international networks, INES took part in five events.

Read on

Read the final declaration of theWar and Peace Assembly here:


For a Nuclear Weapon-free, Peace and Just World
10th World Conference against A & H Bombs

2.-8. August 2010  in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, JAPAN

Further information and program please visit:

Read the speech of the INES Program Director Reiner Braun at the conference here: SpeechRBJapan.pdf (25K)


Declaration of the 10th World conference agianst Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs.

"On this 65th year of the atomic bombing, we call for increased support to the Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and nuclear victims of the world.  Let us inherit and carry forward the experiences and struggles of the Hibakusha as the “undertaking of humanity.”  Let us rise in action now with the Hibakusha and with young generation of people who bear the future of humanity".

Read the whole declaration:

A&HBombconf2010_declaration.pdf (24K)


2. August 2010

Science Conference Against Nuclear Weapons

To begin the array of events on the occasion of the 65 anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japan Scientists’ Association (JSA) held an impressive “Scientists Forum” in Shizuoka.

More than 150 participants reaffirmed their principle rejection of all nuclear weapons and their unequivocal support behind a Nuclear Weapons Convention, as co-developed by INES and the IALANA.

The forum, held by the program director of INES, Reiner Braun, who introduced a definitive call for civil clauses at a side event at the NPT Review Conference in May 2010 in New York, called on all universities worldwide to adopt a single focus of research and education for civilian purposes in their university statutes and rules. “Military research is banned from many universities precisely because of the painful years of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were a result of the scientifically and military-oriented Manhattan Project”, said Braun. The Japanese science organization JSA, which is a member of INES, mutually supported a worldwide campaign for the civil clauses and began to collect signatures at the conference.

Please find the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention here: mNWC_2007_Unversion_English_N0821377.pdf (246K)

See the presentation of Reiner Braun at the JSA conference here: Presentation+Japan.ppt (1M)

Global Warming,Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Secular Spirituality

09.-11. September 2010

The phenomena of global warming, climate change and fears about their probable disastrous impact on environment and human life have questioned the very premises of belief in unlimited growth, ever increasing standard of living and individualism cherished under 'modern development', which in turn has paved the way for the emergence of an alternative eco-friendly development concept of sustainable development. However, the successive conferences and summits, including the recent Copenhagen Summit, amply bring out the inability of national political leaderships in arriving at a consensus on adopting bold steps to considerably reduce the green house gas emissions. In addition, the adverse impact of emission reduction on industrial and economic growth and modern life style and the resultant reactions from the organized interests deter the national governments from taking decisive steps in this respect.

The Conference seeks to bring together scientists, social scientists, Government institutions, NGOs and social activists in an endeavour to discuss and debate the challenge posed by climate change and devise policies and programmes for its resolution.

Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey, memebr of the INES Executive Comittee will speak on "Sustainable Development, Environment and the Role of Sprituality".

Further information and program: www.santhigiriashram.com/conf/index.html


Youth Future Project: Youth Conference

14.-19. September 2010

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of The Right Livelihood Award the Youth Future Project organises a Youth Conference (in German) that gives 100 young people the opportunity to work and discuss with over 100 Laureates.

The new INES Youth and Student Project Coordinator Fatih Oezcan will participate and represent INES.

Wir möchten 100 junge Menschen einladen, mehr über die aktuellen und die zukünftigen globalen Probleme und Herausforderungen unserer Welt zu erfahren und insbesondere konkrete Handlungsstrategien zur Lösung oder Verhinderung dieser Probleme kennen zu lernen. Die Jugend von heute ist Trendsetter und Entscheidungs-träger von morgen, durch ihr Handeln und ihre Lebensweise halten die Jugendlichen die Zukunft von Mensch und Erde in den Händen. Deshalb ist es wichtig, die heranwachsende Generation mit den Menschen in Kontakt zu bringen, die bereits eine Vorstellung davon haben, wie wir unseren Planeten erhalten können - die Preisträger des Alternativen Nobelpreises.


30th Anniversary of The Right Livelihood Award

14.-19. September 2010, Bonn/Germany



Die Vereinigten Staaten 600 Tage unter Präsident Obama.

Dr. Subrata Ghoshroy vom Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spricht zur aktuellen Situation in den USA


  • Krieg in Afghanistan ausgeweitet
  • Abschaffung aller Atomwaffen angekündigt aber auch deren Modernisierung beschlossen
  • Abzug aus dem Irak aber 50.000 Mann - bleiben
  • Abrüstungsschritte sind angekündigt, obwohl höchster Militäretat der Geschichte der USA

Die USA, in ihrer tiefsten ökonomischen, viele sagen zivilisatorischen, Krise, setzt den Kurs von Hochrüstung und Krieg weiterhin fort. Massenproteste fehlen, nur die Rechte mobilisiert und beherrscht die Strasse wie auch die Medien.

Barack Obama versucht zu modernisieren, stellt aber keinen der Grundzüge des Bush Systems infrage. Die Umwelt und das Klima kommen –trotz der Katastrophe am Golf von Mexiko – weiterhin, sprichwörtlich, unter die Räder.

Wir versuchen, in der Diskussion Antworten zu finden – auch für uns und unsere Aktionen für Frieden, Umwelt und Gerechtigkeit.

Tagungshaus "Alte Feuerwache",  Axel – Springer – Straße 40/41, Seminarraum 4
10969 Berlin
21.09.2010 um 19.30 Uhr

See Flyer: Ghoshroy21-9-2010.pdf (389K)


Conference: A Climate for Peace

23.-26. September 2010, Oslo/Norway

One hundred years ago, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Peace Bureau (IPB). With this decision the Norwegian Nobel Committee recognized the leading role of the IPB in the international movement for peace and disarmament.

Information on the IPB history, the conference and the program here: ipb100.org/

International day of action: No to war in Afghanistan

7. October 2010.

The international anti-war-network “No to war in Afghanistan” is involved in the preparations of this event; it is closely connected to the "No to war – No to NATO"- network.

Further information can be obtained from the INES Program Director Reiner Braun: reinerbrauninesglobalcom

Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety
Symposium on the latest scientific findings, policy responses and public participation

7.- 9. October 2010, Nagoya/Japan

The INES member organisation VDW (Federation of German Scientists) is co-organizor of the conference. For more information please visit:www.ensser.org/activities/events/biosafety-symposium-nagoya

See program: Agenda-Nagoya-Symposium-C3.pdf (152K)

Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-10)

18.- 29. October 2010, Nagoya/Japan
Representatives of the INES member organisation VDW (Federation of German Scientists) will participate in the COP-10.

See press release: A new era of living in harmony with Nature is born at the Nagoya Biodiversity Summit. www.cbd.int/doc/press/2010/pr-2010-10-29-cop-10-en.pdf

For more information please visit: www.cbd.int/cop10


Workshop on "Preparing students in science and engineering for social responsibility"

13.-15. October 2010
Delft University of Technology / Delft, Netherlands

Read the report of Prof. Claus Montonen

See website: ethicsandtechnology.eu/socialresponsibility/

18. October 2010, Copenhagen/Denmark

The INESPE Lecture Series on the Social Responsibility of Engineers and Scientists

Eighth lecture: Dr. Stephanie J. Bird: "Socially Responsible Science and Engineering: What is Expected?"

Scientists and engineers are generally well regarded and respected for their technical knowledge and expertise. While the general populous considers the science and engineering communities to be part of society as a whole, these communities can seem to consider themselves apart from society, particularly with regard to professional standards, values and responsibilities. As a result, those within and those outside of science and engineering may have different expectations regarding the concept of socially responsible science and engineering. Explicit discussion among members of the science and engineering communities and also with the larger society regarding the range of professional responsibilities and the meaning of social responsibility is essential. Open, proactive discussion is key to clarifying and enhancing the role of science, technology and engineering in promoting the aims of society.

Further info: inespe.org/lectures

Action conference  for the preparation of the NATO Counter Summit

14.-17. October 2010, Lisbon/Portugal

The confernces is held by the "No to War - No to NATO" network of which INES is a co-founder.

The conference and the NATO Counter Summit are planned by an International Coordinating Committee (ICC, which consists of 19 organisations, see www.no-to-nato.org/de/kontakt/) and the Plataforma Anti-Guerra Anti-NATO Portugal (PAGAN).

See program:


9. November 2010  

"Future of Food" - Nutrition and conflicts

A project initiated by the INES memberorganisation Federaztion of German Scientistst (VDW)

The project focusses its attention on answering pressing questions about how to assure a peaceful and sustainable global food supply and food sovereignty. Future of Food (Zukunft der ernährung)  is looking forward to building bridges between scientists, practicioners, students, politicians, media and the public to find a common ground for civil conflict management facing the challenges of future global foodsecurity.
For further information and program see: www.zukunftderernaehrung.org/


15. -16. November 2010  

National e-conference of Engineers for Social Responsibility (ESR) showcasing the transition to sustainability from Christchurch/New Zealand with local live connections to venues in: Dunedin, Wellington, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Auckland. 

See flyer:: Signs_of_Change.pdf (108K)

NATO Counter Summit  - International conference

19.-21. November 2010, Lisbon/Portugal

Anti-war activities during the NATO summit

The international network “No to War – No to NATO”, which comprises more than 650 organizations enforces its endeavors to use the NATO summit as a platform for protest against war and militarism.

Selected topics and speakers:

  • War and Peace (Sandra Monteiro, Le Monde Diplomatique, Portugal)
  • Relations between Russia and NATO (Vitaly Merkushew, Eurasian Network of Political Research, Russia)
  • The new NATO Strategy and Global Crisis (Vitor Lima, PAGAN, Portugal)
  • Nuclear weapons in the new NATO-Strategy (Joseph Gerson, AFSC, USA)
  • Missile Defense Systems in Eastern Europe/Russia (Jan Majicek, No Bases, CR)
  • NATO’s War in Afghanistan (Shams Arya, Afghanistan)

To see the complete program, all workshops and activities please visit: www.no-to-nato.org/

Video-Livestream Anti-NATO Summit November 2010 in Lisbon

During the Anti-NATO Summit we will constantly inform you about whats happening.

Find short and concise interviews on why people should oppose NATO and what they could do. You can watch the whole conference in our livestream, see the highlights of the day in short clips and get impressions of all the various actions that take place during the summit.

Find the life stream here:www.no-to-nato.org/en/video-livestream-anti-nato-summit-2010-in-portugal/

NATO Counter Summit

Listen to radio interview  Reiner Braun, INES Program Director and member of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) "No to NATO" here:www.youtube.com/watch

Read evaluations:: Lisbon-evaluating.pdf (65K)

icc-statement-no-nato.pdf (62K)

Report from the workshop “Feminism and Militarization” at the counter summit in Lisbon, November 2010.
The counter summit was part of the activities against the NATO Summit in November 2010 in Lisbon organized by the network “No to war – no to NATO”.
Even if the counter summit has had a lot of qualified speakers and workshops the participation was less than expected.
Also like in Strasbourg there was a workshop “Feminism and Militarization” organized, but due to a lot of local activities of women in Great Britain (demonstration in London, action in Stanfort), in Germany (Bonn) and in Italy (Torino, Ravenna, Padova, Alba, Udine, Fano, Bergamo, Bologna, Verona) the participation of women in preparation and participation directly in Lisbon was less than in Strasbourg. Also the full program of the counter summit was not gender balanced.

Read on


An autonomous environmental summit, 26. November - 11. December 2010, Cancún/Mexico

INES workshop on
1. December 2010:

1. Climate and Conflict - How climate changes and conflicts/wars cause and worsen each other.

INES and La Unión de Científicos Comprometidos con la Sociedad (UCCS) Mexico.
Climate change will increase the appearance of floods and draughts and will force millions of people to flee from their homes. We will experience more conflicts about farmland, water and food. We need to find social, just and responsible solutions. The money used for weapons of mass destructions and warfare need to be rededicated to social and sustainable development. The alternative to war is climate protection, disarmament and peaceful conflict solution strategies. Military activities aggravate the problems of climate change. We need disarmament for development.
Reiner Braun, INES Program Director/Germany
Miguel Valencia Mulkay
, Ecomunidades/Mexico


Reiner Braun, Miguel Valencia Mulkay, Ecomunidades/Mexico

Presentation by Reiner Braun on "Climate change and security: Between peace and sustainable development"

presentation_klimaforum.ppt (18M)

Read background information and find a list of literature on climate change, security and conflict here: www.inesglobal.com/download.php

2. Science and Responsibility

Examples of the commitments of scientists against a global climate catastrophy will be described and discussed. The role and importance of the IPCC. Boundaries of responsibility and political challenges.

Science and technology are playing an ambivalent role in the context of achieving a more peaceful and sustainable world. They are part of the global problems and are a necessary part of the solutions. They help to accelerate and globalize the complex nexus of world problems through innovations that multiply impacts and risks on the environment and society. But they can also contribute to solving the problems through better understanding and developing more sustainable technology. A transition to a sustainable science requires breakthroughs within the science system and its place into society.
Speakers from INES, UCCS and of the Union of concerned Scientists (UCS) USA.

2. December 2010

3. What is INES  and what is its role? Scientists engaging in the struggle for peace and sustainability.

Science and technology are employed in a worldwide competition for military and economic power. We have entered a phase in which global developments are in conflict with basic requirements for human survival. Engineers and scientists play a key role, both in developing new knowledge that might threaten international security and in providing positive solutions for the future. INES is a multidisciplinary non-profit-organization dedicated to peace and sustainability. It focuses on disarmament; the conflicts arising from poverty, injustice and environmental degradation; and the role and the impact that science and technology have on society.

Program: klimaforum10.org/en/program/program

The 16th Conference of the Parties under the United Nations Climate Change Convention (COP16)

29. November -10. December 2010, Cancún/Mexico

For all information on locations, access to the venues ans side events please visit:




Overview schedule:: overview_sched_cop16_cmp6.pdf (153K)

Information for NGO's on registration, venues and side events: 100902_cop16_infonote_igo_ngo.pdf (414K)