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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

Events 2007

December 9th, 2007

"Role of scientists and engineers for social responsibility in developing countries"


Balkrishna Kurvey speaking
at the National conference in Nagpur/India

National conference in Nagpur/India by INES and the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection

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Report by Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey


From left to right: Dr. Subhash Tale; Dr. Tapan Chakravarty; Prof. Armin Tenner; Dr. Ramesh Thakre;
Eg. Arvind Dhawad; Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey

November 11-12, 2007 in Alexandria/Egypt

Books or bombs? Sustainable Disarmament for Sustainable Development International Peace Bureau Annual Seminar

Reiner Braun Jayantha Dhanapala Hamed Ibrahim
Photos by: Aurel Duta, Al. Obregia 37/O1/39/sect.4, Bucharest, Romania,
Photo: Stefan Mothes

A workshop SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY is chaired by Reiner Braun INES Activities Coordinator, Germany.
Speakers are Prof. Hamed El-Mously, Egypt and Dr. Dhirendra Sharma, Centre for Science Policy, India
Both speakers are Council member of INES.

November, 11-12 2007

Space Age Science Research and War/Weapons Science Industry Alexandria (Egypt)

Read article by Dhirendra Sharma.

Disarmament and development at the global level
Speech of Jayantha Dhanapala, Chairman of the UN University Council,
President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.
Jayantha Dhanapala was the former UN Under-Secretary General
and former Ambassador of Sri Lanka.

Read Dr. Jayantha Dhanapala's Speech
Jayantha Dhanapala's Website

October 4-5, 2007

International Conference on the abolishment of all nuclear weapons in Florence

From October 4th -5th , 2007 an exceptional conference on nuclear disarmament took place in Florence/Italy.

Exceptional because of the organisers: The Max- Planck Institute for History of science in cooperation with the University of Florence and INES and the International Peace Bureau (IPB) as a non-governmental organisations.

Exceptional regarding the agglomeration of professional competence and the combination of interdisciplinary scientific competence – particularly outstanding was surely the discourse between historians and natural scientists - but also the cooperation of activists as well as politicians and “elder statesmen”.

Exceptional was the award of the honorary doctorate, independent but in connection with the conference, to the Director General of the IAEA, the Nobel Peace Price laureate Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, who highlighted in his laudation the value and importance of the conference.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation: The Security Context
by IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei

Interview with Prof. Angelo Baracca, University of Florence

27 September, 2007

Pugwash Conferences on Science and World affairs “Current Dangers of Nuclear weapons”

Landtingssalen, Christiansborg Palace, 1240 Copenhagen 13.00-17.00
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Read David Krieger's Lecture: "Nuclear Weapons and the Responsibility of Scientists."

August 30 - September 1, 2007 in Paris

3rd Living Knowledge Conference

Fondation Sciences Citoyennes, International Science Shops Network, International Network of Engineers and Scientists for global responsibility, Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation, Unité Transformations Sociales et Politiques liées au Vivant – are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Living Knowledge Conference.
read on

June 6, 2007 in Copenhagen

Ethical aspects of nanotechnology


June 2nd - 4th, 2007 in Berlin /Germany

INES Council and Executive Comittee meeting 2007 Berlin /Germany

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Group photo of Council meeting participants 2007

Download pictures of the meeting (members only)

May 31st - June 1st, 2007

Another science, other technologies are possible:

Meeting the challenges Seminar organised by INES (International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibilities) and WFSW (World Federation of Scientific Workers)

(Programme pdf download)

Glinkastrasse 5, 10117 Berlin


group picture

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Invitation to a public lecture: "Responsibilities of scientists in a dangerous world".
Speaker: Prof. Harold Kroto, Nobel Prize Laureate

Listen to the lecture (48.9 MB):

Prof. Harold Kroto has been an active researcher for most of his life. In 1996, he got the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for co-discovering the C60 carbon molecule used in nanotechnology. “Having chosen something worth doing, never give up and try not to let anyone down”, he uses to say.

March 6, 2007, Lomonosov Moscow State University

International Symposium-School Chemistry,
"Man and Environment"

Lecture at the Symposium held by Prof. Armin Tenner: Development of Nuclear Energy