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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary

INES Events 2006 and before

May, 4-7 2006

The 4th European Social Forum in Athens

INES participated in the European Social Forum in Athens by organizing a workshop and acted as a partner in two other events. The workshop which was devoted to the subject "Science and Peace" had an attendance of 30 mostly younger people. INES speakers were Prof. Jean-Paul Lainé, Prof. Gordana Jovanovi, Reiner Braun and Dr. Hugo Estrella. The subjects discussed extended to subjects like nuclear weapons policies, the UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty responsibility of scientists and whistleblowing.

The two events in which INES was involved together with other organizations by supplying speakers and a moderator were:

  1. A seminar about the Middle East and Mediterranean area: opposing war, nuclear dangers, promoting peace, worldwide nuclear disarmament, cooperation and nuclear-free zones.

  2. A seminar about development, cooperation and social needs, in which it was stressed that democracy is necessary for a genuine knowledge-based economy.

Both seminars were visited by 60-70 people.

The participants of 4th European Social Forum were in average younger than those of the previous forums.

For INES the Forum gave the opportunity to distribute INES printed material, especially the INES Newsletter and the Appeal for withdrawal of the US nuclear weapons from Europe. In addition, new connections were laid to South-East Europe, especially to Greece and Turkey, part of which resulted in new member applications.

September 2006

INES Council meeting

The 2006 Council Meeting of INES took place in Espoo, Finland on September 5-6. In the course of this meeting, discussion contributions were presented about nuclear power, either advocating or rejecting nuclear energy production. The Council decided to join the (new) World Court Coalition (see http://wcp.gn.apc.org)

The following new member organizations were accepted by the council:
Eurosolar (Turkey);
Movement Educators for Peace (Ukraine);
Kizograd Collegium (Ukraine);

Minutes of the meeting were distributed to INES members.

September 7, 2006

Radioactive world-workshop by IPPNW

The Workshop after the Council Meeting had the title Radioactive World and was combined with the IPPNW World Congress. Speakers were Jukka Lehto (Man-made radioactivity) and Valery Petrosyan (Toxicity and ecotoxicity of depleted uranium). The latter presentation reported results of the studies that were made in the course of the INES depleted-uranium project.

On September 7 the International Peace Bureau IPB arranged a seminar, followed by the triennial IPB conference. Reiner Braun was elected into the IPB Steering Committee.


November 3-4 , 2005

International Conference in Cordoba and Vacarias, Argentina


November 5-6, 2005

INES Concil and Executive Comittee meeting 2005 Vacarias, Argentina

As a prequel to this years Council meeting Hugo Estrella Tampieri of the South American Peace Studies Programme is hosting an international conference. For more Information please read the conference program (pdf) or the whole announcement in Newsletter 50 (pdf). Have also a look at the conference photo galley These are the papers released during the conference:

April 24-26, 2005

Chernobyl +20 conference

In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the catastrophic accident with the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, a conference was held in Kiev, where several national and international NGOs came together.
At this occasion, INES, together with its project group INESAP conducted a workshop about Non-Proliferation which touched the ambivalence of military and civil usage of nuclear energy. The workshop had a special status, in that the rest of the conference program was not devoted to this subject. The discussion in the workshop was very positive and succeeded in conveying the basic ideas of nuclear disarmament to the participants. Results of the workshop are reflected by the final statement of the conference.

The subject of civil-military ambivalence of nuclear energy was also treated in a special issue of the INES Newsletter which was distributed among the participants of the conference.

The conference offered the opportunity for INES to establish contacts with various NGOs from Ukraine and European green parties. In a networking session, 15 NGOs were represented. Among them were at least two who are candidates for organization membership of INES:

A scientific educational organization? Education for Peace and Mutual Understanding? which is most influential in Ukraine and has a network throughout the whole country. Scientists and teachers as well as their institutes and organizations belong to this organization.

The scientific training center for teachers and the school of Kirivograd. It is an educational institution which combines scientific education with practical training and is considered an example in the country. Both organisations were later accepted by the Executive Committee of INES as new members.

Speakers at the Kiev workshop were Reiner Braun, Regina Hagen and Dr. Abdul Nayyar (Pakistan).

April 15-16, 2005

Follow-up Symposium on Teaching Ethics to Science and Engineering Students

Copenhagen, Sweden

INES, the Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish UNESCO Commission, Centre for Ethics and Law in Nature and Society organise a follow-up symposium to the 1999 UNESCO World Conference on Science. The conference timetable and more details can be found in this agenda (pdf) The ethics and responsibility of science should be an integral part of the education and training of all scientists. It is important to instil in the students a positive attitude towards reflection, alertness and awareness of the ethical dilemmas they may encounter in their professional lives. Young scientists should be appropriately encouraged to respect and adhere to the basic ethical principles and responsibilities of science. (Recommendation from the WCS).

March 11-12, 2005

International Workshop EINSTEIN and PEACE (education) LESSONS for TODAY

Bruxelles, Belgium

As a contribution to the Einstein year 2005 INES is organizing a conference in Bruxelles (11/12.03.2005) in cooperation with Pole Bernheim/ULB. The conference will take place in the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Institut d´Etudes européennes, Seminarroom III 39 avenue FD Roosevelt, B 1050 Brussels, Belgium. Download this flyer (pdf) for more information.


October 15-17, 2004

III. European Social Forum 2004 15.-17. October 2004 in London, Great Britain

Following the successful INES participation in the II. ESF in Paris in 2003, INES will again be represented during the III. ESF in London in October 2004. We will participate in/ organise four seminars/ workshops in cooperation with several other international Organisations, many of them also resulting from our seminars in Paris. In the following you will find further details. INES will also have a stall during the ESF where you can contact our organisation directly and where you will find further information material as our Newsletter, Flyer etc. The ESF will be held at Alexandra Palace which is in the north of London. For more information on the ESF please visit their official Homepage www.fse-esf.org

October 17, 2004

Seminar S8

"Towards citizen assemblies on research in Europe: against the commercial control of science, for citizens intervention in the definition of new research policies in another Europe"

Organisations: AUT, Espaces Marx, FMTS, FSC, INES, Laser Transform!, Science for the people, SNESup Description: Scientific research increasingly depends upon decisions at European level, in board rooms and in secret military meetings. Citizens, including scientists, must intervene in the process of decision making, to democratise science, empower people and prevent war. This seminar prepares for the citizen's assemblies for research in Europe proposed at the 2nd ESF.

October 17, 2004

Seminar W26

"Militarization of the European Union"

Aldermaston Women's Camp(aign), DFG-VK, ENAAT/CAAT, Forum voor Vredesactie, INES, War resisters international


  • EU militarization and the EU constitution
  • European arms industry cooperation, including the new EU armaments agency,
  • European military operations, including EU-US/NATO relationship
  • Privatisation of military - military contractors
  • The drive towards military-oriented research and how that affects scientists
  • Effects on the global south

Workshop 1

This seminar will expose the strong influence that the military has on scientific research and technological development, and argue for major changes in the way science and engineering are run. It will include new, up-to date research on this issue. There will be speakers from several Euorpean countries.

Workshop 2: "Science and Citizenship"

Espaces Marx, FSC, INES, Science for people


  • Build equitable and supportive research partnerships between scientists and NGOs
  • Support the development of scientists and policy makers awareness of public concern issues
  • Democratise science and empower people - who needs, controls and benefits from the scientific process?

July 2-7, 2004

INES Council meeting 2004 in Sopron, Hungary

The Council meeting 2004 took place parallel to the IPRA conference in Sopron, Hungary (see their website for more information: http://faculty.human.mie-u.ac.jp/~peace/). Among other things the Council worked out the INES Iraq appeal and discussed how to prepare for the Einstein year 2005 (see Projects for more Information). Here a link to the Photos.


November 12-16, 2003

European Social Forum in St. Denis, Paris, France

INES gladly announces its participation in the ESF 2003. In cooperation with SNESup and WSFW we will offer two seminars and participate in one of the major plenaries. For a draft on the seminars follow these links "Science between war and peace" and "Peace and sustainability"

November 10-12, 2003

INES Council meeting in Paris, France

This years Council meeting will be hosted by Jean Paul Laine and his colleagues from SNESup. Please read the invitation and program for more details and fill in the attached application if you intend to participate in this years Council meeting. Please also have a look at the Council 2003 Photo album.

September 5-7, 2003, Starnberg, Germany

INESPE conference "Between Greed and Conscience:
When Whistleblowing Becomes Dangerous"

Showing courage and responsibility is often not without danger. Justice, politics, economy and science make it difficult for the individual, sometimes even impossible. However, society and nature are vulnerable, the progression of technique claims its victims, greediness is unscrupulous all too often. We believe that those people must be supported and protected by law, who for reasons of conscience openly declare against these excesses, who protest against corruption and devote themselves to an alternative science that serves mankind and the preservation of the fundaments of life instead of their destruction. The Conference will be held in the DGB Bildungswerk Starnberger See at Pöcking near Starnberg, 15 km to the south of Munich. Conference languages are English and German with simultaneous translation. You are cordially invited to this conference for a dialog on responsible behaviour.

Please see the invitation for more details or visit the INESPE homepage www.ethikschutz.de

January 31 - February 02, 2003, Paris, France

INES Executive Committee meeting

This years Executive Committee meeting was hosted by Prof. Jean-Paul Laine and his colleagues from SNESup. Please see here for the INES appeal to resist the war on Iraq.

August 29-31, 2003

International Scientific Meeting "Mathematics and War" in Karlskrona, Sweden

Mathematics has for centuries been stimulated, financed and credited by military purposes. Some mathematical thoughts and mathematical technology have also been vital in war. During World War II mathematical work by the Anti-Hitler coalition was part of an aspiration to serve humanity and not help destroy it. At present, it is not an easy task to view the bellicose potentials of mathematics in a proper perspective. At the conference, we will present historical evidence and recent changes in the interaction between mathematics and the military. We will discuss the new mathematically enhanced development of military technology which seems to have changed the very character of modern warfare. Speakers will include historians of mathematics, science and engineering, historians of war, military analysts, and philosophers. This conference was held in cooperation of Maurice de Gosson (Mathematician, Karlskrona, Sweden), Reiner Braun (Executive Director, INES, Germany), Stig Andur Pedersen (Philosopher, Roskilde, Denmark). For more information see the website at http://mmf.ruc.dk/imfufa

June 11, 2003

INESAP conference "New movement towards a Space Weapons Ban" in Berlin, Germany

On June 10 and 11, a workshop and expert meeting was held in Berlin, Germany, on the questions how a space weapons ban could be achieved. On the invitation of three scientific organizations, experts from the US, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany met to discuss proposals for a space weapons ban that have been officially. Visit the INESAP homepage www.inesap.org for more information, or directly contact the INESAP Coordinator Regina Hagen by E-mail at inesaphrzpubtu-darmstadtde.


May 22-23, 2002

INES Council meeting in Bradford, Great Britain

This Council meeting was held at the University of Bradford in Great Britain. It was hosted by Owen Greene, Department of Peace studies. Please read the invitation and program for more details and visit this link to read more about the INES call upon the international community: "Statement on nuclear dangers". Here you will find the INES statement to the ousting of José Busrani, the director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

May 23-24, 2002 in Bradford, Great Britain

INES Seminar "New security challenges, global and regional priorities"

An INES co-operation with Scientists for Global Responsibility and the University of Bradford, Dept. of Peace Studies: The events of September 11th and their aftermath have undoubtedly forced further review of questions of the international security priorities and architectures for the 21st century to the top of the international agenda. Central to this seminar are considerations of, and calls for, strengthening a civilian security politics. The seminar is less concerned with an analysis of the militarization which was strengthened by the events of September 11th than with a comprehensive discussion about civilian alternatives and prospects of security politics which should orientate itself at the following criteria: de-militarization; de-escalation of conflicts; prevention of conflicts; civilisation of politics; disarmament; peace in a sustainable society (sustainable development).
Please see the links below for articles and speeches to the above topics.

See the invitation for more details on the program.
"The nuclear issue after the posture review", a speech by Prof. Joseph Rotblat during the Conference "New security challenges"
"New security challenges", by David Krieger

March 1-2, 2002

Demands for a peacful and sustainable development in Africain Mülheim, Germany

read on

This seminar is hosted by INES and Evangelische Akademie Mlheim an der Ruhr: Focuses of this seminar are the demands for a sustainable and peaceful development in Africa - a continent that is regarded by many as a lost one. Beginning with an analysis of the political, social and economical situation in Africa, we will also deal with the issues of conflict management, for peace is an unalterable part and an assumption for sustainable development. Therefore the topics like civil wars or warlike disputes - first of all in the region around the great lakes needs to be discussed. We would also like to put emphasis on the European and German Africa-policies and initiatives by German NGOs concerning worldwide sustainability.

Please read the invitation and program for more details.

"Political, Economic and Environmental Challenges in Africa and African demands to the Johannesburg Summit (WSDD)", speech in two parts (PowerPoint presentation), by Prof. Ogunlade Davidson during the Mlheim conference Visit this link to view conference pictures.
Last but not least see here for the final statement.
The topics discussed can be reviewed in the program.
See especially: