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29.11.2011: INES 20th Anniversary



1914 - 2014 - A Hundred Years after WWI

In 2014, the peace movement will mark the historical anniversary of the end of World War I with critical reflection, creative activities, and new initiatives. We seek to use the centennial as a time to learn from the past and work for a more peaceful future, rather than merely celebrate uncritically the European Union as the new "civil force".

Today, vast amounts of money, resources, and intellect are being poured into military technology. While the goal of the United Nations is to protect future generations from war, its work is undermined by so-called humanitarian operations that bring destruction in their wake. Germany itself is shifting from a defence army to a global operation troop, is fuelling conflicts worldwide as the world’s third largest arms-exporter, and is engaging in modernizing nuclear weapons instead of abolishing them. For these reasons it is paramount to draw attention to the challenges of the future. In today’s world, every minute a human dies of want and one of every six people worldwide does not have access to clean drinking water.

The peace movement will celebrate 2014 by drawing lessons from peace and war during the last 100 years. It is a challenge to us all: to social movements, scientists, politicians, youth organisations, trade unions, world religions, and to societies as a whole to map out strategies for peaceful conflict resolution.

More details and all information you will find on our campaign site please click here and also on the official website www.peaceeventsarajevo2014.eu



Stand with Edward Snowden

Sign the petition! 

To President Barack Obama: "We call on you to ensure that whistleblower Edward Snowden is treated fairly, humanely and given due process. The PRISM program is one of the greatest violations of privacy ever committed by a government. We demand that you terminate it immediately, and that Edward Snowden be recognized as a whistleblower acting in the public interest -- not as a dangerous criminal".


Disarmament for Sustainable Development

An international appeal to the 2012 Rio plus 20 conference

In 2011 global military spending amounted to $1740 billion – despite the fact that 1 billion people suffer from hunger, even more do not have access to safe water or adequate health care and education, and even in the developed world millions are without work. The Millennium Development Goals cannot be realized while the world squanders its wealth on militarism. To learn more about the campaign please click here.

Go directly to "sign online here": www.inesglobal.com/campaign-disarmament-for-sustainable-development.phtml

Commit Universities to Peace - Reject Research for the Military.

International Appeal to the heads of universities and responsible academic bodies.

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Mexico's Maize Diversity in Danger

Sign a statement of the Unión de Científicos Comprometidos con la Sociedad (UCCS) to the President of Mexico, Mr. Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa to prevent irreversible damage to one of the World's most precious resources: Mexico's maize diversity.
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Abandonment of Military Research. Support the University of Karlsruhe/Germany to keep their Civil Clause

The German publicly funded research is facing a crucial and exemplary decision: strengthening the civil orientation or pushing militarization?

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Scientists for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World


The INES campaign "Scientists for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World" had started on August 6th, 2009 (Hiroshima Day).

49 first signatories, 31 of them Nobel Laureates, supported the campaign and gave it a remarkable start. For at least 25 years, there has been no comparable campaign supported by so many prominent members of the scientific community and beyond.
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